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5 Ways To Beat A Hangover That Actually (Might) Work

Hangover cures are a dime a dozen, yet most are totally unreliable. Here are 5 methods that have at least *some* scientific support.

Hangover cures are very popular, and just like hangovers themselves, they’re very personal. While some people may swear that a sip of Coke first think in the morning is what helps them power through their hangovers, others might find this to be a terrible and nonsensical suggestion.

According to Shape Magazine, hangovers are influenced by plenty of different factors, including body size, the quality of liquor you’re consuming, and innate biology. Sadly, some people are simply better equipped at dealing with their hangovers, be that because their livers produce more enzymes or because they have a better disposition.

We looked through hangover cures on the internet and found a lot of weird stuff, like drinking raw eggs or paying hundreds of dollars to be connected to an IV drip. Here are 5 hangover cures that have some scientific support:

Foods with high amounts of potassium

Alcohol really takes a toll on your body, impacting your kidney’s ability to concentrate urine, causing you to lose sodium and potassium — the substances responsible for conducting electrical impulses. This is a long and technical way of explaining the hangover jitters, which make it likely for your limbs to shake. Foods like bagels, bananas, salty chips, and more contain potassium.

Mexican Coke

5 Ways To Beat A Hangover That Actually Work
Photo by Olenka Sergienko via Pexels

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Mexican Coke is the most delicious Coke there is, all due to the fact that it’s sweetened with natural sugar. Coke made in the U.S. is sweetened with large amounts of corn syrup. Mexican Coke gives you a jolt of caffeine, which might help you get rid of headaches, and a large dose of sugar, which raises your body’s glucose levels quickly, speeding up your recovery.

Coconut water

It’s very important to stay hydrated when hungover, but not all beverages are created equal. Coconut water contains electrolytes, helping you replace that sodium and potassium you lost the day before.

Orange juice

5 Ways To Beat A Hangover That Actually Work
Photo by Breakingpic via Pexels

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Orange juice does two jobs: it provides potassium to your system and delivers an acid-neutralizing effect when metabolized, making you feel better. The end.

Hydrating IV drips

One of the most recent high-end cures is the popular IV infusion, which provides fluids to people who are hungover.  Drip bars, as they’re called, charge between $200 and $400 per session. You may get over a hangover in a couple of hours when compared to a full day of misery, but do you really want to be that person that visits the drip bar?


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