Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Kathryn Gurley

Kathryn Lamon Gurley grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where she was encouraged to ask questions and dig deep for answers. Kathryn worked in Senator Sam Nunn's office while in college in Washington, DC. After a ski season in Aspen with friends following graduation, she headed to New York City and worked for ART&ANTIQUES Magazine. Kathryn then went on to work in Public Relations in New York City and Chicago. Passionate about the welfare of women, children, and the homeless, Kathryn has served on the Advisory Boards of the Salvation Army in Manhattan, Baltimore, and Richmond, Virginia. After the birth of premature twins, Ben and Taylor, Kathryn shifted her focus and life to Health. Ben was born weighing two pounds, thirteen ounces, and Taylor was only four pounds, six ounces. Ben has undergone many surgeries, seen many doctors and has been in many hospitals. Having Epilepsy, Ventricular Tachycardia, and mild Cerebral Palsy has not been easy for Ben. Kathryn and Ben have traveled all over in search of the best treatments and experts to achieve Health for Ben. They have found success by combining the best of Conventional and Alternative treatments and modalities. Focusing on being Healthy has shifted Kathryn's approach to health and life. Kathryn worked with Naturopath, Dr. Paul Faust on a Bill in Maryland to license Naturopathic Doctors. Maryland would become the 18th state to pass such a Bill. This Bill enabled Naturopathic Doctors to have access to their patient's medical records and be able to be a part of their health plan. Paul taught Kathryn how to put into one's body amino acids and supplements which one was low in or missing instead of taking so many drugs. After working with Dr. Faust, Kathryn lowered Ben's pharmaceutical pills from 15-17 to 4 or 5 a day. Ben takes CBD oil and supplements such as taurine, an amino acid which is low in most epileptics and his Epilepsy and health have improved quite a bit. Kathryn is passionate about the benefits of CBD for treating Epilepsy and CBD and Cannabis for the treatment of Cancer. The next five years are going to be transformative in managing one's own Health. We will be able to track and prevent many diseases through technology and Alternative Modalities. It's our Health, and we must Own it! The FreshToast.com is going to be at the forefront of this exciting movement connecting people with doctors, and experts who are going to blaze a trail for this new innovative way of health and enhance the quality of our lives by teaching us "Fresh" ways to get to the root of our health issues!

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