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Debunking 6 Popular Myths About Today’s Marijuana

We now have more information about marijuana than ever, but there are still a bunch of myths that influence the way in which we view the herb.

New Study Provides Clues Behind The Vaping Illness Outbreak

A new study from the Mayo Clinic researchers weakened a popular theory about the cause of the vaping illness.

Super Bowl Champ Percy Harvin Used Marijuana To Cope With Severe...

Even Super Bowl-winning athletes suffer from anxiety, but cannabis can help manage those symptoms.

How CBD Blocks The Paranoia And Anxiety From Marijuana’s THC

A new Canadian study demonstrates how CBD blocks the negative side effects caused by marijuana's THC.

Why These 4 Professional Athletes Use CBD To Manage Pain

Many gym warriors and amateur athletes have turned to CBD for recovery, but what do the professionals have to say?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Researchers Are Focused On Treating Autism With Marijuana

Leading marijuana researchers now believe a cannabis compound could treat autism symptoms.

Mountain, Road And Commuter: How CBD Can Help Bikers

As cycling grows throughout the United States, using CBD products in recovery and training should become an attractive option.

Can Marijuana Cure Or Cause Dementia?

Dementia generally refers to any condition characterized by a decline in cognitive ability, and is caused by abnormal changes or damage to cells in the brain.

6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve The Life Of Seniors

Cannabis has shown promise for relieving Alzheimer's Disease, chronic pain, poor appetites, and other issues that affect seniors.

CBD Shows Therapeutic Effects On Psychosis

This new study shines light on CBD’s effects on the brain and the regions in which its benefits are most effective, especially in the area of psychosis.