Cannabis Just Became A Hot Issue In Texas Congressional Race

It's a sign of the times deep in the heart of Texas. A pro-legalization congressman is taking on a House member with an old-school weapon: Billboards.

Half Of The Population In Canada Wants Marijuana Edibles

Justin Trudeau proposed a bill that could legalize recreational marijuana by the summer of 2018, but what about marijuana edibles?

Legal Marijuana In New Jersey? It Depends On This

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who throughout his time in office fought marijuana legalization, will hand the reins over to his successor in January.

California Veterinarian Wants Medical Marijuana For Pets

He is aware of the controversy of medical marijuana for pets, but the Oakland, Calif.-based vet has seen enough anecdotal evidence to sway him.

ACLU Report: Marijuana Arrests Are Increasing In Pennsylvania

Even though marijuana is more socially acceptable than it's ever been, the number of arrests for possession of the drug is climbing in Pennsylvania.

Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Are Waiting Months For ID Cards

Ongoing ineptitude surrounding Florida’s medical marijuana program continues as patients are waiting multiple months to receive their ID cards.

The Magnificent Scent Of Cannabis Explained Through Science

A long time ago, back before the science of marijuana came of age, most people thought the scent of cannabis came from THC.

Tom Marino Won’t Be Drug Czar: Why Marijuana Enthusiasts Are Happy

Rep. Tom Marino was taken out of the running after it was revealed he was undermining the DEA's ability to crack down on opioid abuse.

Pennsylvania Gives Green Light For First Marijuana Crop

Finally! Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program took a giant step forward as a licensed grower became the first to be approved.

Jeff Sessions Would Like To See More MMJ Growers For Research

When Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 18, cannabis activists across the nation waited with bated breath.