Sunday, July 14, 2024


Does George Clooney Use Weed

While he speaks out on politics and his love of tequila is well known, does George Clooney use weed?

The Kennedys Are The Most Famous Weed Gardeners

Considering all they had going on, it is not a surprise the Kennedys are the most famous weed gardeners.

Weed In The White House

As rescheduling is driven by the president and his administration, what is the current history regarding weed in the White House?

Does Robert De Niro Consume Weed

He can make you an offer you don' refuse. Don' worry. But does Robert De Niro consume weed.

Does Francis Ford Coppola Consume Weed

Most people think of it as fun, but it has medical benefits - so can microdosing marijuana help you?

Stormy Daniels Is Immortalized With A Marijuana Strain

She has been a fan favorite, a director and now Stormy Daniels is immortalized with a marijuana strain.

Does Lizzo Consume Weed

She is bold, knows her mind, and not afraid to draw attention. But does Lizzo consume weed and just chill sometimes?

The Gilded Age Heiress Who Helped The Marijuana Movement

The Big Rich live differently with different rules.  Thankfully one heiress helped the counterculture movement.

Does Kevin Bacon Use Weed

Cast as a classic rebel in small town, this week he reminded highlights the underdog again - but does Kevin Bacon use weed?

Guess Who Was Born On St. Patrick’s Day

For some, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow held more. Guess who was born on St. Patrick's Day.

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