Saturday, October 1, 2022


How To Enjoy Dabbing Without A Dab Rig

When you don’t have the complete setup, it’s time to get creative.

How Many Milligrams Of THC Is Too Much?

There is no exact correlation to milligrams of THC and how high you will be.

The Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Cannabis Bongs, Pipes, Dab Rigs, And Vapes

Here's how to keep your green machines clean and resin free.

What Is Cotton Mouth And How To Fix It

Smoking does not cause cottonmouth, but it can exacerbate it.

How To Beat The Munchies — Is It Even Possible?

How can you stop the pizza and junk food cravings after a smoke session? You can either stop smoking entirely, or try some of these tricks.

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Strain

In the past, one would simply go with THC levels, or sativa vs. indica. But there's a smarter way to shop for strains.

What Is A Chillum?

The terms “chillum” and “one-hitter” are often used interchangeably, but they can refer to slightly different devices. 

The Easiest Ways To Add THC To Any Food Or Drink

Here are the easiest ways to add THC to food and drinks at home — or anywhere you are.

How To Prevent Cannabis-Induced Anxiety Attacks

Unlike brief anxiety moments that can be brushed off by composing yourself with breathing exercises, weed-induced anxiety is much more complicated.

When Exactly Should I Pop My Edible?

When it comes to edibles, it's all about timing.

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