Thursday, August 18, 2022


French Senators Call For Urgent Cannabis Legalization, Not Just Decriminalization

Senators argue that legalization is a social issue that should be adopted by public authorities.

Is It Good Or Bad For Society? Americans Are Split When It Comes To Cannabis

A new Gallup poll shows that Americans are divided on cannabis and how it affects users and society at large. 

Weed Smokers Not Welcome In Thailand, Says Health Minister As Country Struggles To Revive Tourism

The news comes on the heels of recent reports about cannabis cafes as a possible boost to the country’s damaged tourism industry.

5 Surprising Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

Research shows that legalizing weed prevents a spike in adolescent use, violent crime, mental health illnesses, and so much more.

Clear The Air: Weed Etiquette For Roommates

Remember that even if weed is legal in the state where you live, it doesn't mean you should be hotboxing your apartment, especially if you have roommates.

Cash In On Clients Or Educate Them? Cannabis Workers Are Torn, New Survey Shows

Dispensaries often prioritize sales over education and the level of on-the-job training at dispensaries is notably uneven.


Study: Medical Cannabis May Result In Less Opioid Dependence For Advanced Cancer Patients

Medical marijuana appears to have an important role in palliating symptoms of advanced cancers with few adverse effects.

Where Do Most Physicians Turn To For Cannabis Education?

A recent survey confirms that cannabis education is not available in mainstream medical schools at either undergraduate or graduate levels.

Why Brittney Griner And Other Athletes Use Weed For Pain

It's usually when players retire that they come clean about their drug use, claiming that marijuana helped them calm down and manage pain.

4 Tips For First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

Here are some quick tips for those thinking about getting a medical marijuana card




Going For A Walk After Eating Can Reduce Your Odds Of Getting This Disease

New research shows that there are significant benefits to going for a walk right after a meal.

Nitrogen Infusion In Cannabis: Debunking Myths

Nitrogen has been an extremely prevalent additive to food products and general consumer packaged goods globally for over a century.

How To Choose Weed Other Than By Strain

Marijuana strains are the most straightforward way to catalog cannabis, even if these labels aren't the most accurate.

RICO Charges: Once Reserved For The Mafia Now A Familiar Anti-Cannabis Industry Tactic

To date, most cannabis RICO cases have been unsuccessful. Still, the process can do immense damage to brands.

Wait, Should I Buy Weed From My Dealer Or The Dispensary?

The question of where to get weed from should be expected to have a straightforward answer, right? Wrong.

Colombian President Discusses Releasing Cannabis Prisoners & Legally Exporting The Drug

Gustavo Petro, the newly elected President of Colombia, is talking about potentially legalizing cannabis during his first weeks in office.

Majority Of Texans Support Legalizing Recreational Weed, But They Support This Even More

Of those surveyed, 55% said they either support or strongly support legalization.

What Is CBDA And How Does It Help The Human Body?

CBDA is a cannabinoid in the hemp plant, and it can help you in a many ways!

Can Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can lead to serious health problems when not treated.

The #1 Difference Between Cannabis Oil And CBD Oil

Smoking might be the trend right now, but trust me, infused oils may very well be the future.

Massachusetts Gov. Signs Marijuana Compromise Bill, But Strikes This Controversial Section

The Thursday move comes nearly six years after The Bay State legalized recreational cannabis use.

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