Thursday, March 23, 2023


Best Stoner Swag For Your St. Patty’s Pub Crawl

If you ask us, St. Patty’s day is a great time to celebrate all kinds of green.

Cannabinoid Confusion: Understanding Delta-8, Delta-9, And Delta-10 THC

To understand the difference we can look to the 2018 Farm Bill, which separated hemp from cannabis.

Oklahomans Reject Cannabis Legalization Ballot Initiative: ‘This Is The Best Thing To Keep Our Kids Safe’

State Question 820 would have allowed adults 21 and older to purchase weed from licensed retailers and would regulate and tax the sales.

Are Women The Answer To The Weed Rebound?

The ever-growing cannabis industry continues to be a source of opportunity for women.

Ibogaine For Addiction: 5 Reasons Why It’s Safer To Do It In A Hospital

Current scientific evidence confirms that ibogaine has potentially useful effects to treat chemical dependency.

In What States Is Weed Legal Right Now?

Where is cannabis legal in the United States in 2023?


This State’s Medical Marijuana Patient Count Increased 71% In Two Years

Program changes, including allowing flower and same-day certifications, likely contributed to the boost.

CBG Vs. CBN: Which One Is Best For Sleep, Anxiety, And Pain Management?

CBG and CBN are promising non-psychoactive cannabinoids starting to gain recognition for their potential health benefits.

Antidepressants Numb Emotions Says New Study — Time To Switch To Cannabis?

Cannabis for depression may be a new option after Lexapro study on antidepressants.

Yes, Marijuana Can Ease Motion Sickness — Here Are The Strains That Help

Can cannabis help with motion sickness symptoms?




Does Cannabis Interact With Pharmaceutical Medications?

Potential interactions with different drugs could be both good and bad and vary significantly from strain to strain. By Melanie Paige All chemical compounds interact with...

Strongest Weed Strains To Try In 2023

Here are some of the strongest sativa and indica strains that have recently become popular. 

CBD Amplifies The Adverse Effects Of THC, New Study Finds

Is there an ideal way to combine the two cannabinoids?

Everything You Need To Know About THC Pills And Capsules

THC pills act like edibles, providing the same potent high.

Cannabis Sales In This State Drop For First Time In Five Years

Consumers bought $5.3 billion worth of cannabis in the state last year.

CannaMoms: The Key To Global Marijuana Legalization?

Why moms using cannabis may be the tipping point for worldwide cannabis legalization.

Is It Ever Appropriate To Discuss Your Weed Habits At Work?

When it comes to water cooler talk at work, the topic of cannabis is still confusing to navigate. 

New Study Proves Therapeutic Benefits Of Terpenes For The Human Body

Terpenes don't get the headlines cannabinoids do, but they are just as powerful

Washington’s Residency Requirement Upheld In Court. . . Again

The Court determined that the Dormant Commerce Clause did not apply to the state's residency requirement as cannabis remains illegal under federal law.

This State’s Medical Marijuana Patient Count Increased 71% In Two Years

Program changes, including allowing flower and same-day certifications, likely contributed to the boost.

What Does Sativa Do? And What Are The Best Strains?

The sativa high can be described as being a “head high” that has an energizing, invigorating effect.

This State Could Start Adult-Use Cannabis Sales By July Under New Bill

Lawmakers hope to head off a massive gray market by moving quickly.

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