Apparently People Use Siri As Their Therapist And Apple Is Responding

Studies have indicated conversation agents fail at responding appropriately in crisis.

Most Doctors Unprepared To Prescribe Medicinal Marijuana

A new study shows that, while medicinal marijuana is becoming mainstream, our medical schools need to catch up.

5 Cannabis Products That Are Perfect For Date Night

All of these products are super fun because they’re new, sexy, and exciting. Check out this short list of products that'll lead to the best date night ever:

Daily Delight: How Not To Die While Sitting In Front Of Your Laptop All Day

Not only is "sitting the new smoking," but those who stay in put for more than 12.5 hours a day have the highest death rate, according to a new study.

Daily Delight: Snoop Dogg Hotboxed Demi Lovato’s House And Inspired Her New Single

Demi Lovato stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s "The Tonight Show" to perform her smash single “Sorry Not Sorry.”

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