Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burritos And 7 Other Summer Dessert Mashups

2017: The year desserts had an emotional breakdown.

Cannabis Tea Found To Be Safe And Effective For This Ailment

Cannabis-infused tea not only has a calming effect, it also is an effective treatment for patients suffering from this widespread issue.

TFT Pro-Tips: 8 Ways To Make A Woman Orgasm During Sex

No, but really — how does a person have better sex or a better relationship? The...

The Internet Is Really, Really Happy The Knicks Fired Phil Jackson

As an employee of any sports franchise, the job you're doing is constantly under scrutiny. For example, if you’re Phil Jackson.

This Smartphone-Enabled Humidor Keeps Your Bud Fresh

Do you really need a high-tech, smartphone-enabled humidor to keep your stash from drying out?

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