Friday, December 3, 2021


Janet Yellen Says ‘Of Course’ Cannabis Companies Banking Billions Would Help IRS

No one doubts that the IRS would also love to have the cannabis industry’s billion-dollar revenue streaming into its coffers.

Marijuana Banking Reform: Millions Seek Banking Services Via Defense Act

The SAFE Banking Act has been approved in the House five times, yet on each occasion has fizzled out in the Senate.

Lab-Grown Cannabinoids: Is The Cannabis Market Ready?

Scientists have found alternative ways of producing cannabinoids that don’t require the cannabis plant.

5 Key Questions Regarding The Weed Industry And Another Possible COVID Shutdown

The first COVID shutdown was a boom for cannabis industry, but what about a second one?

This Iconic Astronaut Snack Now Contains THC

The tasty cylindrical protein snacks that captured the public imagination in the 1970s are back with an out-of-this-world twist.

Weekend Cannabis Sales To Surpass $250M

Wednesday before Thanksgiving could bring in $90M in sales!

What Is The Cannabis Community Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Sources cited a range of subjects they're thankful for, including the eroding stigma against the plant, and state marketplaces and improving tech.

Step Aside Alcohol, There’s A New Weedy Vice King In Town

No one has been caught more off guard by the high demand for cannabis products than beer, wine and liquor companies.

New Jersey Rolls Out Dates For Processing Cannabis Business Applications

New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission announced that it will start accepting applications for cultivation, manufacturing, and testing lab licenses.

Wine Or Weed? Experts Discuss The Future Of Cannabis-Infused Beverages

THC beverages have their place, but that place is probably not in the hand of a wine lover with a sophisticated palate.

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