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How To Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Friendly

The use of beauty products can result in large amounts of waste. Here’s how you can make your beauty routine better for the environment.

Everything affects the environment, from what we eat to the products we use. While big corporations and industries have the majority of responsibility for global warming, the everyday habits we practice matter more than you might think.

Reducing the amount of waste we produce and taking the time to recycle might not be world altering measures, but it can inspire others to do the same and can help us feel like we’re doing something for the planet.

Our beauty routines have an impact on the world, producing waste and contributing to an industry that contains compounds that are wasteful for the environment and that often relies on animal testing. Here are a few ways in which we can contribute to the environment by simply switching up some aspects of our beauty routine:

Go over the basics of waste

The more products we use, the more waste we create. These products range from razor blades, which end up in landfills, to all of the little plastic bottles your products come packaged in. Another contributing factor is how much water you spend, with long showers contributing to waste, which then leads to water shortages and the death of animals.

Try to purchase razors you can use multiple times while being conscious of the time you spend showering. These small changes may seem small, but can amount to more over the course of your life.

Avoid plastic as much as you can

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A large percentage of beauty products come packaged in plastic containers, an element that’s harmful for the environment. It’s very difficult to go 100% plastic free, which is why it’s best to start off slow, doing some research on products that commit on being plastic free and going from there. Here’s a list that can help you get started.

Add a recycling bin in your bathroom

For the plastic products that are unavoidable, set up a recycling bin in your bathroom. This will remind you that you have to recycle and will avoid you throwing your shampoo bottles and beauty products into your normal trash. A bin with two compartments or two separate bins is a simple change that can help you be more committed to producing less waste.

Look into refillable options

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Since beauty products need to be purchased every couple of weeks or months depending on the product and the use, the most sustainable way of reducing the amount of plastic would be to invest in products that provide you with refillable options. The majority of companies that provide you with this option are committed enough to the environment that they also tend to avoid harmful components in their products and testing that doesn’t rely on animals. Here’s a list that can help you get started.


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