Thursday, December 12, 2019
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4 Areas Where Cannabis Proves It’s Great Preventative Medicine

Cannabis, no matter how it’s used, always provides relief and therapeutic effects, be that for those who need help destressing at the end of the day, or for patients who are treating more serious symptoms and side effects. While medical cannabis is mostly used for treating the symptoms of some serious illnesses, many researchers and studies believe it can also work to prevent illness.

Here are 4 areas where marijuana is one of the best preventative medicine:  


A study from 2009 claims that the use of cannabis for over a 20-year-time period is linked to reduced head and neck squamous cancer. These preventative effects were also displayed in animal studies from 2012.


THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoids in our bodies, preventing inflammation in diseases like arthritis, cancer and diabetes. reports that animal studies conducted in 2008 demonstrated that cannabis lowered inflammation on the limbs of 70 percent on the tested animals. 

Heart Disease reports several studies that showed positive results when it comes to cannabis and heart disease. A 2013 study where researchers fed small doses of cannabis to mice found that the plant produced a 5 percent improvement in the efficiency of their heart ventricles. Other studies have shown that small doses of cannabis help the ventricles in the heart relax, increasing blood flow.


Cannabis, CBD oils and balms have proven to be very efficient for the skin, reducing aging, the development of wrinkles, bags and managing the symptoms of diseases like eczema and acne. 

From total marijuana legalization in Canada, to North America becoming more chilled out about its own state laws, buying your favorite green flower has never been easier and growing your own is almost as simple. 


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