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5 Game-Changing Rolling Papers That Will Give Joints New Life

Quality rolling paper is the unsung hero of a perfect joint. While you may need some skill, and some quality marijuana for the perfect smoking session, it’s easy to forget just how important the quality of the paper is.

While quality is always the most important aspect of rolling papers, you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to how good looking a joint can be.

Check out these awesome rolling papers that’ll make your joint look like a masterpiece, no matter your rolling skills:

$100 Bill Rolling Paper

This rolling paper made by Empire Papers looks exactly like a 100 dollar bill which makes for the perfect joint to share with people, making a statement that you’d do anything for a good joint. Not really, smoking from a real 100 dollar bill is probably gross and dangerous (still looks pretty cool though).

Shine Papers

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Shine papers are actually made from gold, and they look like it. Since they’re made from actual gold, they’re pretty pricey at 55 dollars a pack, but they’re so pretty you might wanna save up for special occasions—to wow a date, or some friends, who knows. This joint is unlike anything you’ve ever smoked.

Urban Wraps

These joints are ideal for smokers who are a little shy and don’t like to scream to the world that they’re smoking a joint. Designed to look like cigarette papers, these rolling papers are cheap and discreet. Now if only there was a way to hide the smell…

Lift Tickets 

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These rolling papers are infused with hash oil, giving your joints flavor and an extra boost of THC. You can buy them pre-rolled and in single or double packs.

Raw Foot-Long Rolling Papers

Yes, we know you’ve smoked Raw, everyone has. But you’ll still be shocked by this whopping 12-inch joint that looks like a Subway sandwich. We’re sure a steady hand is needed to roll those joints.


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