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6 Cannabis Experiences To Explore In Legal States

Cannabis tourism is growing, with states providing guests with a variety of weedy and awesome experiences.

Cannabis tourism is only just beginning. While the plant remains illegal on a federal level, many states have enabled medical and recreational programs, creating a new industry that’s already produced large sums of money.

Tourism boards in legal states are providing special opportunities for cannabis users across the spectrum. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned stoner or someone who’s curious about experimenting, there’s an experience here for everyone.

Visit cannabis museums

marijuana cannabis joint
Photo by Cavan Images/Getty Images

Now that cannabis is legal, there are all sorts of places that memorialize it and celebrate it. In Vegas, there’s the Cannabition Cannabis Museum, the first interactive museum of its kind. Guests can peruse cannabis art installations and have fun, while also learning about the history of recreational and medicinal cannabis in the country.

If you’re still in the mood to learn, there’s the International Church of Cannabis, located in Denver. Founded in 2017, this location is home to the Elevationists, a group of people who believe the use of cannabis helps them get in touch with their best selves. While it sounds a little weird, there’s no need to convert to a new way of thinking in order to enjoy the church’s weedy decorations, which include murals and elaborate walls.

Visit dispensaries

marijuana dispenary
Photo by Zummolo/Getty Images

For those of us who grew up with marijuana fear-mongering, the existence of dispensaries remains amazing. These spaces feature a variety of products and experts that feel leagues away from buying weed of unknown origins from your friend’s college dealer.

Take a tour through a marijuana grow facility

Despite Inflation, Cannabis Prices Are Lowering
Photo by Terre di Cannabis via Unsplash

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An even more impressive experience is to tour a marijuana grow facility, where experts will show you the grounds and take you through marijuana’s cultivation process. This is a fun and informative experience to have, whether you’re looking for a good time or want to learn how to grow your own plant at home.

Enjoy professional weed and dinner pairings

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Photo by Alex Haney via Unsplash

Weed and food is the ultimate combination. Food prepared by professionals and paired with the right type of weed is something every weed enthusiast should experience at some point in their life. While every legal state has its own set of rules when it comes to these cannabis experiences, most rely on preparing delicious food and pairing it with the right strain, much like a sommelier pairs wines with meals. In Colorado, there’s the company Cultivating Spirits and in Los Angeles, there’s The Cannabis Supper Club. I’m sure there are more options coming out every couple of months.

Book a weed vacation

Summer Wine Vacation
Photo by alohamalakhov via Pixabay

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Cannabis bead and breakfasts are becoming more popular, providing people with the opportunity to book a beautiful getaway where they can smoke and consume weed to their hearts’ content. We wrote a detailed guide about locations that can serve your purposes, all located on the West Coast.

Cannabis paint classes

Photo by Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

Lastly, there’s nothing more accessible than a cannabis paint class. Much like drinking wine and painting a project, these experiences provide you with a canvas, an instructor, and a good time. Puff, Pass and Paint is one of the most popular of these experiences, providing you with materials for your art and an instructor, who’ll guide you along the way. While they can’t provide you with cannabis, you’re encouraged to bring your own. They have locations and classes in a variety of states, including Portland, California, New York, Vegas, and more.


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