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Factors In How Long You Will Be High

Your body itself can affect how long you stay high. The speed of your metabolism, your height and weight and even your sex can affect how THC is absorbed into your system. 

If you have ever gotten high and suddenly realized you have an important obligation looming in the near future, you probably asked yourself, “how long am I going to be high?” On the other hand, you may have a long plane ride ahead of you and are seeking a way to ensure you have a prolonged relaxed journey with the help of some THC. 

“A cannabis high can last anywhere from two to 10 hours, depending on a range of factors,” according to Healthline. This is quite a broad time frame. There are, however, specific factors within your control that can affect how quickly you will get high and how long it will last.

Consumption Method

One major player in how long you stay high is the method you use to consume THC. The way you get high not only affects how quickly you feel the THC, but it helps determine the duration of your high as well.

What Are The Fastest Ways To Get High?
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Smoking And Vaping

Smoking and vaping are two of the most popular methods of getting high. In addition to convenience, smoking and vaping tend to be a preferred method because the effects are often felt very quickly after consumption.

When you smoke or vape weed, you typically feel the strongest effects within 10 minutes of consumption. These effects will last, on average, from one to three hours depending on other factors. In some cases, the high can last a much longer time, or perhaps a slightly shorter amount of time.


Your body ingests THC differently when you eat it rather than smoke or vape it. Just like with other medications, your body may react to eating weed differently on an empty stomach versus a full one. Regardless of how much you consumed, the high will take longer to begin than if you smoked it, but will typically last much longer.

“When you smoke THC, it immediately goes into your bloodstream, whereas you might not feel the full effect of THC you’ve consumed until hours later,” Andrew Stolbach, an emergency physician and medical toxicologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, told EatingWell

weed brownies edibles
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On average, when you eat an edible you will feel the peak effects about two hours after consumption. The high can last much longer than smoking it, in some cases it may last the entire day.


Dabbing can yield a similar timeframe to smoking or vaping. Since you smoke a dab, it goes into your bloodstream almost instantly. This means you feel the effects very quickly.

If the dab contains highly concentrated THC, however, your high is likely to last significantly longer than if you smoked a joint. For this reason and others, it is imperative you know exactly what is in the THC products you consume.

Quality And Quantity

Just as how you consume THC affects how long you stay high, knowing what and exactly how much of it you consume can be just as instrumental in determining the duration of your high.

How Much Did You Consume?

It is commonly understood that the more weed you consume the higher you will become. This is certainly true, but weight and quantity are not always the same thing. In fact, many growers are making increasingly potent strains of marijuana. This means you can be consuming a large quantity of THC just by smoking a single joint.

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One great benefit that accompanied the birth of legal cannabis dispensaries is that ability to enlist the use portion control. Dispensaries often include the amount of THC in their products, including vape cartridges and edibles. 

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Know The Product

No matter which method you use to ingest THC — or how much you ingest, for that matter — it is critical you know what you are putting into your system. 

“Cannabis growers have been increasing the THC content in their plants over recent years, causing the leaves to trigger a more potent high,” according to Medical News Today

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Different strains and consumption methods affect people differently. Knowing the exact product you plan to consume is important when you want to know how long you will stay high. “Weed is stronger in the forms of sinsemilla and hashish than in other strains, as they contain high THC levels,” reports Medical News Today. “Because of this, they are likely to create longer highs.”  

Tolerance Levels And Your Body

If you use cannabis regularly your body will develop a tolerance over time. Just like with most substances humans consume, if you consume THC regularly it may take more and more to achieve the same effects. Generally, if you rarely consume marijuana you will stay high longer than someone who consumed the same amount and has a high tolerance to THC.

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Your body itself can affect how long you stay high. The speed of your metabolism, your height and weight and even your sex can affect how THC is absorbed into your system. 

In order to determine how long your high will last, start by consuming smaller doses and monitoring the effects. Remember, everyone reacts to THC differently. Still, if you are careful to use products and methods you can both monitor and control,  you can start to know exactly how long your high will last.


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