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How Can Kief Be Used Medically

Cannabis is known to have medical benefits…but does all form work? What about kief?

Medical marijuana has helped PTSD, inflammation, anxiety and more.  While more medical research needs to be done, it has properties to make a difference. But does all part of weed help?  How can Leif be used medically.

The term kief is derived from an Arabic word that means intoxication or pleasure. Most of you probably know what cannabis is and the purpose of different cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Aside from those, there are other compounds found within and on the cannabis plant including terpenes, flavonoids, trichomes, and additional cannabinoids.

What is kief though, what is its link to cannabis, and is it medically beneficial?

About Kief And Its Link To Cannabis

Kief is the term used to describe the glimmering crystals found on cannabis flowers/buds. Oftentimes, kief covers cannabis buds, and it gives them a shimmering crystal-like appearance. If cannabis buds are ground, kief will accumulate in the grinder as long as the grinder has a separate filter to catch it. It usually takes a significant amount of time for kief to accumulate, especially if one wants to make a cannabis-infused recipe with kief as a main ingredient.

In addition, it’s relatively common for people to create their own cannabis-infused products that contain kief. To accumulate as much kief as possible, specially made kief boxes or other similar devices can be purchased. These work to shake off kief from different cannabis buds. However, depending on where you live, you may be able to purchase kief at a cannabis dispensary.

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In areas that have medical or recreational cannabis programs, many dispensaries sell kief separately. Therefore, rather than waiting for kief to build up over time, skipping that lengthy process and buying a few grams worth of kief at a dispensary is one option.

Medicinal Benefits Of Kief & Its Uses

On average, kief is not only potent, but it’s relatively easy to collect and convenient to consume. A few hits of kief can be extremely powerful, especially for those who are new to it. In most cases, kief reaches around 50 percent THC. However, some of the purest kief extractions can reach up to 80 percent THC. Kief also possesses terpenes and various cannabinoids, which are both at high concentrations. Due to kief’s high THC concentration and quantity of terpenes and cannabinoids, it can deliver significant medical benefits.

Individuals who consume cannabis strains with high THC levels to help treat different medical conditions are ideal candidates for kief consumption. Kief can act as an alternative to cannabis bud and edibles because it’s more potent, and it can be added onto or into different substances. For example, kief can be added onto a freshly packed bowl, in a joint or blunt, in a cannabis-infused recipe, or sprinkled into tea or coffee.

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For those who need immediate relief and/or have a high tolerance to cannabis, consuming kief can deliver the results they may be looking for. Also, if individuals don’t want to combust unnecessary plant matter/leftovers and/or don’t want to let burnt material enter their lungs, consuming kief is a common alternative. Aside from kief being used on its own, there are other uses for it like turning it into hash, making rosin, and making moonrocks.

Overall, if you’d like to consume a very potent part of the cannabis plant, kief may be for you. Or, if you wish to make your own homemade cannabis and/or kief-infused products, know that it’s definitely possible, cost-efficient, and worthwhile in the end.

Creating Homemade Cannabis-Infused Edibles With Kief

Moreover, certain steps need to be taken before making cannabis-infused edibles. First, decarboxylating (decarbing) cannabis is essential to properly prepare and create cannabis-infused edibles. Decarboxylating (decarbing) cannabis refers to a process in which a chemical reaction removes a carboxyl group and then proceeds to release carbon dioxide. Additionally, cannabinoids that are found on raw cannabis flowers contain an extra carboxyl group or ring. Once a specific degree of heat is applied over a particular period of time, THCA (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid) coverts into THC (a widely-recognized psychoactive cannabinoid).

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When cannabis is decarboxylated, it ensures that the user is receiving the most out of their cannabis as possible. Although people decarboxylate cannabis buds, it’s possible to decarboxylate kief too. Overall, decarboxylating kief is relatively easy and fast, and it’s becoming a more common process, especially since lots of people are interested in creating their own cannabis-infused edibles.

Generally, it’s recommended to decarboxylate kief before using it to create cannabis-infused edibles, butter, or oil. If this is done, it allows users to get the most out of their kief as possible. The process of decarboxylating kief is to mostly make cannabis-infused edibles stronger in addition to gaining the most out of kief.


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