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Is Sticky Weed A Good Or Bad Sign?

One good rule of thumb to determine if your cannabis is sticky or wet is a quick smell test. Properly cured and sticky weed should smell potent and fresh.

There are so many types of marijuana on the market these days that many consumers have stopped trying to keep up with which strand is which. In fact, it can feel like every time you go to a dispensary there’s a brand new list of strain names you have never heard of.

The whole process of choosing from all these new types of weed can be a bit overwhelming. If you don’t want to choose by name, you might use your nose to smell through the variety of buds and see what perks your nostrils. 

Inevitably in your search you will locate a few buds that are so sticky, they almost feel like they are oozing a crystalized sap. These buds seem complex and unique, and are often fragrant. They can also be so sappy that they are a bit harder to handle.

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Considering these factors likely has you wondering about sticky marijuana. Are sticky buds a great trait to have or a cause for concern?

Sticky weed, if it was dried and cured properly, normally equates to high quality and potent flower. This is because trichomes are the main contributor to the sticky nug phenomenon. Merriam-Webster defines trichomes as “an epidermal hair structure on a plant.” So when you see a flower with lots of hairs and what appear to be crystals, you are looking at a plant with a great deal of trichomes. These nuggets will also most likely feel sticky when touched.

“Where the dry buds lack trichomes, the sticky buds have an overabundance. The long, beautiful hairs collect THC and create a dense, tacky covering on the buds,” according to Herb. When you see buds with lots of hairs and feels sticky to the touch, you are likely touching a bud that is packed with THC. In these instances, a little sticky weed will go a long way in getting you high.

While sticky weed can often mean potent, well cultivated product, it can also mean quite the opposite. Some illegitimate and shady cultivators may even try to make their weed appear to be sticky in order to fool their clientele. “Because stickier cannabis is associated with higher potency, illegitimate market cultivators can trick their clientele into thinking improperly dried and cured cannabis is sticky,” according to Massachusetts-based dispensary Happy Valley

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They say the cultivators use moisture to fool the customer into thinking the bud is sticky, when really, it’s just wet. Not only is this dishonest, but it also often means an inferior product. “Wet or moist cannabis has less cannabinoids and terpenes, with a harsher smoke.” 

One good rule of thumb to determine if your cannabis is sticky or wet is a quick smell test. Properly cured and sticky weed should smell potent and fresh. It will be filled with intense and particular aromas you associate with strong weed. Wet, rushed weed will normally have far fewer fragrant notes and will often smell like hay.

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You will also notice the difference over time. One great thing about sticky well-cured weed is it holds up over time. Rushed and wet weed will deteriorate quickly, and may even become toxic and dangerous to smoke. “Curing cannabis also extends the shelf life of the product for commercial growers. Uncured cannabis can become moldy or develop mildew,” according to Greenhouse Grower.

As always, it is important to purchase your cannabis products from a reliable source. As long as you purchase your sticky weed from a trusted dispensary, your buds should be potent, long lasting and high quality weed.


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