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The Worst Marijuana Strains Of All-Time

There are some winners, and occasionally some losers….and sometimes we get a Reggie

The way cannabis is legals allows for a rich variety of strains and products.  Consumers latch onto something great and it takes off in dispensaries and does well for everyone.  But once i a while there is a stinker which isn’t worth the effort. The common name for bad weed is “Reggie”.  There will always be low-quality weed on the market, and their sellers will continue to do their best to pass it off as either high-quality or medium quality strain. Luckily, there are tips to figure it out so you don’t buy them.

Difference Between A Marijuana Dispensary And A Liquor Store
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Determining which weed is good and which is not might seem tricky, but you only have to pay attention to a few details to figure out if a strain is low-grade, high-grade, or mid-grade.

These details include the:




THC content

Presence of trichomes




This article was written to help with the dilemma involved in avoiding low-quality marijuana strains.

What To Assess When Buying Marijuana


Low-quality weed is very mild and gives the barest minimum buzz. Sure, a weed will always be called a weed irrespective of its induced effects and characteristics, but low-quality weed is of no use to the user.

Dirt weeds might be felt by new and inexperienced smokers, but it will not be a remarkable feeling.

Cannabis-based medicine also has an expected feeling for it to give the user relief from symptoms, which is why users must check well to not waste their money.

You Have The Highest THC Strain. So What?
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Low-quality weed has a distinct unpalatable aroma, Although you might detect a faintly sweet flavor, the weed’s smell is too strong for a user to enjoy the flavor. The aroma can be likened to a skunk. When Reggie is used, the aroma is a tell-tale. There are also bad quality weeds that have no aroma at all, they are bland.

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Good quality weed will have a striking aroma that implies the presence of an increased level of terpenes. A good Indica strain gives a chocolate or coffee aroma, while a good Sativa strain smells like citrus.


Reggie’s flavor is determined by the area it was grown, as well as the cultivation techniques used. Reggie tastes the way it smells, like skunk. The few Reggies that have a faintly sweet taste are still very harsh with an earthy flavor that most users do not care for.


All breeds of marijuana come in different colors. Some have traces of pink, blue, purple,  etc. The best way to identify a Reggie weed is through red, brown, bleached white, yellow, or a noticeable tan. These colors indicate that the weed is from a plant breed with low quality.


Trichomes are absent in bad cannabis strains. The strains that have, do so in very little amount.

A good strain on the other hand has a striking density of trichomes that glitters.

Low-quality weed breeds include:

Seeded buds

Breakdown/split easily due to their dehydrated state.

Tanned appearance with tiny or no spots of green.

Skunky or musty odor.

Very harsh effect and causes pain and coughing fits.

Here are the worst marijuana strains of all time…

Why you didn't get the cannabis strain you think you did
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#1– Madman OG

This is also referred to as the ” jittery strain”. Its effect is quite obvious from its name. This strain is a hybrid of parents OG Kush X LA Confidential.

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A lot of users believe that the OG breed is a panacea for everything, however, this is not so.

It has a THC range that falls between 16% to 24%, which could be more. Because using a high amount will override the good of the strain and rather than act as a panacea, it induces anxiety and a severe headache.

#2– Pablo’s Gold

This is a golden marijuana breed that is 70% Sativa-dominant cross. It can be found almost everywhere aside from Northwest America.

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Pablo’s Gold is not a strain you consume when you need to be active…

The strain can be deceptive— it first starts with a euphoric feeling and a spike in energy levels— however, you realize almost immediately that that effect was just a preamble in sending off to sleep. You’ll barely be able to keep your eyes open.

is it possible to work yourself to death
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#3– Top 44

This is a sedative cannabis strain that has users feeling disappointed after. It is an Indica-dominant cross that was created by the highly experienced breeder at Nirvana seeds.

The Top 44 marijuana strain has very limited effect with a very low level of THC at 8%– 5%. It might do it for inexperienced smokers, but experienced speakers would end up not feeling any form of buzz.

#4– Mango Pina

Luckily this strain is now forgotten. It is a strain that was created sometime around the 1960s. This forgotten marijuana had the most pleasant aroma and flavor, however, it had a very low THC content that caused little or no psychoactive effects.

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The most you could expect from this breed was a calm state of mind, but regardless you’ll doubt its worth.

The closest thing to Mango Pina currently, but with an increased level of THC content, is the Mango Kush.

Another marijuana strain worthy to be on this list is the Blue Widow strain— a mundane strain.



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