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Things You Should Consider When Buying Rolling Paper

There’s always been a debate about what way is the best way to consume cannabis, be that through a bong, a dab, a cookie, a joint, you get the point. People clash over which method of consumption leads to the best high while also imparting the least amount of damage to their lungs. Joints are a big favorite among cannabis users, but there’s some damage that’s always involved when you start to burn cannabis and paper.

Most of the rolling papers available on the market are manipulated by the manufacturers in a variety of ways, be that to enhance flavor, to make the joint burn faster, or to have a really cool color, leading to more damage to your lungs that you bargained for.

Here are a few tips and things to look out for when you’re buying rolling paper: 

Nix The Bleached And Colored Paper

As a rule of thumb, you should stay away from white papers which are bleached to get that color that, for some reason, a lot of people love. There are other types of papers that have different and bright colors (re: fake) that you should also steer clear from. Always look for the most natural looking paper you can see. 

Avoid Thick Rolling Paper

Thick paper usually means that you’ll be taking in more bad stuff and chemicals per puff, so discard those and look for thinner types of paper, which will produce less smoke. 

The best advice you can get when it comes to purchasing rolling papers is to stick to the most natural option available. Look for unbleached thin paper that’s made with natural ingredients, which will burn faster and produce the least amount of smoke and cancerogenous agents. A few good options are the uber famous RAW papers, which are made from natural ingredients and also have a set that’s made out of pure hemp. Bob Marley also has a line of rolling papers that are super cool, made with natural ingredients and hemp. Give them a shot; your lungs will thank you.

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