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Want To Get High Without The Skunk Funk? Here Are 4 Alternatives

Getting high doesn’t have to involve leaving a cloud of smelly smoke lingering in the room or on your clothes.  

Cannabis, in both its raw and burnt form, has a distinctive and strong tell-tale aroma that doesn’t lend itself to inconspicuous consumption. This can make it difficult to enjoy a bowl or joint indoors with shared walls or hallways. The odor of burnt marijuana can even waft over backyards.

All of this can make it challenging for adults to get high without calling attention to themselves, but there are ways to discreetly high without having the neighbors rat you out on NextDoor.


Edibles are perhaps the best-known alternative to smoking weed, and indeed they can be consumed with no-one being the wiser. Homemade edibles can be inconsistently or inaccurately dosed, however, and since the edible has to travel through the gastrointestinal (GI) system before being metabolized by the liver and made bioavailable, and can take up to a couple of hours to feel the onset of effects.

Marijuana Edibles
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Edibles also can’t be uneaten, so if a consumer eats a super dose, they’re in for an inescapable ride. Modern commercially available edibles are made in more predictable and smaller doses, some have even been designed to bypass GI path and enter the bloodstream directly. If past negative experience has made edibles unattractive, it might be time to revisit them.

Disposable Vape Pens

Vaping concentrates containing cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, as well as other compounds such as terpenes are popular and often sold in cartridges that screw onto separate batteries. Another popular vaping option is the disposable vape pen, whose all-in-one design allows for smaller, attractive devices that can be discretely pocketed and used. Vapor does have a slight smell but one that dissipates quickly and is dissimilar to burnt marijuana.

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A tincture is a concentrated cannabis liquid preparation. While most will have a distinct taste, tinctures are easy to take, a dropper full or two taken under the tongue is typically enough to start feeling effects. Tinctures are also a great way to mix cannabis into a beverage for a casual and discreet way to get high.

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Transdermal Patch

Cannabis is often consumed to address inflammation and pain management and transdermal patches containing cannabinoids are designed to address these ailments slowly and over hours. Most are not designed to get their users high but can provide the desired relief discreetly. Many patches also contain other ingredients to relieve pain and discomfort, such as menthol.

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Cannabis Transdermal Patches
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Getting high doesn’t have to involve leaving a cloud of smelly smoke lingering in the room or on your clothes. Any of the above options allow for marijuana use without the burn or anyone noticing.


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