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What Does Marijuana Do To Your Immune System?

Cannabis is a plant that can have many different effects on our bodies, depending on our mood or the strain that you consume. Cannabinoids are immune-modulators, which means that they alter our immune system in different ways. This has been a topic of interest for a lot of physicians, but what does it really mean?

Early results from researches have several explanations:

Some studies claim that cannabis suppresses our immune system, which is the reason why it’s so good at decreasing inflammation. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on your  situation. Inflammation does have an important purpose in our bodies, trapping infections and preventing them from spreading around.

Other studies suggest that cannabis does something else entirely, making our immune systems stronger and helping it battle infections. This seems to be the case with patients that suffer from cancer or AIDS, where cannabis helps them cope with their symptoms and strengthens their bodies’ response to the disease. Research conducted on mice with cancer claims that cannabis causes apoptosis, which means that it kills cancerogenous cells. Another study conducted on humans with AIDS/HIV claimed that the patients that consumed cannabis ended up with stronger immune systems and had higher CD4 counts (these are T cells that kill the HIV virus).

There’s a lot of information out there, but there’s still not enough research to catalogue if cannabis is good or bad for our immune systems, all we know is that the plant does have some effect on it and that more studies should be conducted. Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, but it all comes down to each patient’s unique situation. Before you consider taking cannabis as a way to deal with a disease, it’s important to talk to a doctor or an expert to see if your situation warrants it and if the plant is what you need. 


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