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What Is It Like To Smoke THC-O Dominant Flower?

The available (anecdotal) data suggests that THC-O offers higher therapeutic benefits to users, primarily when it is used as an alternative to edible tinctures.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

Over the years, chemists all around the globe have tried to create a perfect synthetic product with the precise effects offered by cannabis plants. To do this, cannabis compounds have been modified into various chemical structures, some of which are not naturally produced in the plant. There are currently dozens of cannabis variants, each with its own unique qualities and side effects. Some of these cannabinoids have been extensively modified for specific uses, while the rest can be extracted from hemp and cannabis plants.

What Is THC-O?

THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid with higher potency than most synthetic products. The compound was developed to give users a more intense high, although, like natural cannabis, the level of reception in users varies. But most of the time, the product offers users a magical and enchanting experience.

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Bay Smokes, a well-known cannabis brand that produces pre-rolled joints, revealed that some of its products are filled with premium THC-O flowers and concentrates. The company cultivates hybrid THC-O buds indoors and works hand-in-hand with licensed labs to test the potency and general features of the cannabinoid before they are infused into regular cannabis products and dispensed to the public. The company has most of these test results on its website for consumers to confirm that the products are fit for consumption.

Cannabis lovers who have tried THC-O and other THC forms claim that the first is more potent than the latter. They pointed out that THC acetate ester induces more relaxing effects, accompanied by a trippy high. The Feds are yet to acknowledge the existence of this form of THC because it was prepared in a laboratory. Some scientists have also clarified that the drug has yet to undergo standard drug-identifying procedures.

How THC-O Is Prepared

This new cannabinoid is a synthetic analog of natural THC. It was first produced in a lab by chemists but is now mass-produced through unusual cannabis tech.

To generate THC-O, a series of extractions must occur. Cannabidiol (CBD) is first extracted from hemp plants (most prefer to use hemp plants because they are federally legal). Delta-8 THC is then extracted from the CBD. Once this is done, the extract is combined with the organic solvent acetic anhydride to give the THC acetate ester. This new extract is flavorless and odorless but has an extremely high potency level. Further actions to metabolize or activate THC-O will result in a bioavailable form of delta-9 THC. This means that when this acetate ester enters the body, it transforms into a highly potent delta-9 THC with no other effects other than its night potency.

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Companies like Bay Smokes cultivate their hemp plants in isolated indoor spaces because the conditions are far more easily controlled. Most of these plants are grown without any lighting to ensure they are ideal for THC-O infusions. This results in strains that are high in CBD and THC-O, with a potency of about 22%.

How Safe Is THC-O?

In the early 2000s, when Spice and K2 (both synthetic forms of THC) became mainstream, tests showed that they induced no similar effects as natural cannabinoids. They were labeled as unsafe and non-classical variants of THC. This begs the question of the safety of THC-O, mainly because there is limited information about the substance.

THC acetate ester has been observed to possess a chemical profile identical to delta-9 and delta-8 THC variants. Unlike the unhealthy smoke products produced in the 2000s, THC-O can be traced to natural cannabis plants.

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For now, there is no data that points to THC acetate ester being dangerous or unfit for consumption. Instead, the available (anecdotal) data suggests that THC-O offers higher therapeutic benefits to users, primarily when it is used as an alternative to edible tinctures. It is best suited for patients who have an increasingly high tolerance for THC. With THC-O, patients suffering from chronic pain management will fare better with THC-O than with conventional cannabis products. It is important to note that users claim it is best not to smoke THC. They suggest that the “prodrug” nature of THC-O makes it essential for the drug to be activated before consumption.

Consumption Methods And Effects  

THC-O can be infused into any product. It can be produced in oil or concentrate form. After ingesting THC-O, the effects do not spring up immediately; the user begins to feel the results of the cannabinoid about five minutes after it has been consumed. This delayed effect is more pronounced in products made with no cutting agents, giving them an unmistakable look. The taste is similar to that of neutral CO2 oil.

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THC-O products make users feel calm and mellow, but it also leaves them with enough energy and motivation to carry out other activities. Lovers of THC-O products mention that each dose comes with a unique experience. When a person consumes a standard edible dose for a week or more consecutively, the daily effects will be different from the last. In addition to this, users usually report distinct feelings; some use it as a sleeping or relaxing aid, while others use it to rev their creative juices.

Can Anyone Use THC-O?

THC-O is best used by patients with a high tolerance for natural THC (the product serves as a panacea for patients who rely on heavy doses of THC). Inexperienced or novice cannabis users derive the most minor enjoyment from these products, as they do not have the fanciful feel, taste, and aromas usually associated with natural cannabinoids.

Last Words

According to studies carried out by the Honest Marijuana Company, THC-O has exciting potential. Its ability to deceive the system while delivering THC ingredients is something to watch out for; the drug can be modified to induce other psychedelic effects.

As long as the origin of THC-O can be traced back to federally legal hemp, you can classify it as legal. The duration of its legality is still uncertain, as the federal agencies are yet to clear the gray area in which it exists.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.


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