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An Oral History Of The Time My Mom Met Andre 3000 At A Mall

Twenty years ago, OutKast released their most influential and best album, ATLiens. Ten years ago, my mom and I were at a mall in Atlanta, and we ran into Andre 3000. Here’s what happened, according to two emails from my mom.

My Mom:  We were at Phipps Plaza and I spied Andre 3000. Thinking you were right beside me, I thought I would be nice, and I said, “Mr. Andre!” He turned and said, “Yes ma’am.”  I then told him how much I enjoyed his music and he thanked me. Unfortunately, you were looking at hats and missed my whole encounter. Dang.

Ed. Note: I actually spotted Andre 3000 first, and was hiding out of embarrassment, not looking at hats, when my mom met him. The rest of the story, as far as I can recall, is accurate.

[Five Minutes Later]

My Mom: Was my memory correct? I bet Mr. Andre thought, “What is that old lady saying?” Maybe not.


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