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5 Tech Gifts Under $30 That Are Perfect For The Holiday Season

Gifts are always hard, but they’re an important part of the holiday season. Tech gifts are a better option than socks and scarves, because they’re very useful, but it’s hard to find some presents that work well and are also affordable, especially during the holiday season when prices tend to climb and popular products get sold out.

It’s the ideal time for some holiday shopping because everyone is still thinking about Thanksgiving, so here are 5 great tech gifts that are perfect for people of every age and that are also under 30 dollars, because cheap things are always the best. These presents are ideal for filling out stockings and for complementing other more elaborate gifts. Check them out:

APIE Outdoors Portable Speaker

These speakers are water resistant and ideal for the outdoorsy person in your life. They can be taken to the beach, the pool, camping and whatever outdoorsy thing you can think of. They’re awesome, just buy them for yourself. Price: 27.99$

Timberland Tech Gloves

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Everyone always gives people gloves on Christmas, but no one thinks of tech gloves which protect you from the cold but allow you to use your phone. These gloves are black and discreet and are also worth 26.99$

Tair Wireless Headphones

Headphones may not seem like the best present, but they’re always, always needed. Although they may not cause the best impression at first glance, they’re a present that’s long lasting and super useful. Price: 24.50$

ASLDM Phone Charging Bag

This sports bag is perfect for hiking or biking and it features a charger for your phone. Price: 16.90$

Eleoption Disco Light

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For party lovers, this disco light has 7 colors and is perfect for outdoor and indoor areas. Even for kid’s rooms. Price: 23.99$


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