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How To Get The Latest Updates On Your Voice Assistant

Voice assistants like Alexa and the Google Home have no buttons or direct ways of accessing. Here’s how you can keep these up to date.

Digital assistants rely on voice command. This is one of the main things that make them so attractive to users all over the world; instead of having to tinker with a device and its buttons, you can just say what you want it to do from the comfort of your couch.

Since these devices require less monitoring than others, it can be confusing when new updates and changes roll out. You won’t get a notification from them, and they won’t announce it out loud. How do you keep your digital assistants up to date?

Popular Science compiled a list of things you should do in order to keep your assistants in top shape. Here are 4 of their most useful tips.

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Amazon and Google each have newsletters for their respective assistants, informing users of the latest features the companies are working on. These articles will let you know what’s currently being worked on, which updates are in development, and new features for you to try out.

You can subscribe to the Amazon Echo newsletter here, and to the Google Home newsletter here.

Ask the assistants directly

You can get the best information by asking the devices directly about their latest updates and developments. By talking with them, you’ll also “train” them to become more advanced and compliant to human interaction.

Amazon expects you to interact with your Echo regularly, engaging in a trial and error processes that’ll allow you to discover new features. “It’s exciting – even just for the future of A.I. — to see customers reacting to Alexa in this way, and we’re working hard on even the little responses, Easter eggs and nuances to make Alexa more personable, humble and helpful every day,” said an Amazon representative.

Monitor their companion apps

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Most assistants include companion apps, which you can access from your phone. By browsing through these apps, you can download extra content, monitor updates, and set your preferences, making your device as different and unique as possible.

Be prepared to face some technical difficulties

Digital assistants are devices that will always be evolving, updating themselves and becoming more advanced with each passing day. A year from now, your interactions with them could completely change, so don’t get too caught up in the wording and the commands, and be ready to change and adapt along with your device.


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