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Why You Need These Snapchat Spectacles In Your Life Right Now

Snapchat is one of those inventions that has taken the world by  storm. Like Facebook did back in the day Snapchat has tapped into this generation’s brain, taking their desire to document their life one step further and making it all the more personal. Snapchat is the social media platform that young people use more regularly and that has the most personality of all, drawing polarizing reactions from crowds. Odds are you’re either a Snapchat lover or a hater.

The company, now called Snap, announced their first gadget, Spectacles, back in September and made it clear that they’re planning on expanding and developing more stuff that will not be limited to the constraints of your smartphone. The glasses allow you to record short videos while having your hands-free and without having to pull your phone out. These videos have a round frame, which differentiates it from recordings from your phone and also looks pretty cool.

Spectacles have become the new hard-to-get item during this holiday season. Sold initially through Bots, which are cute-but-weird vending machines with happy faces on them, Spectacles cost $129 a pair and look sleek and discreet, very different than the futuristic look Google Glass tried to pull. The Snapchat glasses are designed to look cool enough that people know what they are, but not crazy enough that they will make you look like an asshole. 


The Snapchat Bots will make random and short appearances throughout the US, which are announced every 24 hours on this map (is there only one Bot in the world? What is going on here?).

Taking advantage of the Holiday season, Spectacles has opened up a store in New York, the one place in the world known for having people who are happily willing to queue up and wait in line. The store is located on Fifth Avenue and is rumored to stay there throughout New Years Eve. The wait times range from an hour to six, but hey, at least you’ll get this season’s hottest holiday item.

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