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3 Ways Marijuana Can Help You Stay Sober In The New Year

Marijuana can be a useful tool when it comes to reducing and curbing your alcohol use.

The New Year is a time for resolutions and setting new goals and objectives. During these past couple of years, our relationship with alcohol has shifted, and not for the better; we’re consuming way more alcohol.

Sobriety can be tough. It requires people to be focused and not succumb to peer pressure, since alcohol is such a widely used and accepted substance. Still, there are a variety of options that can help you curb those impulses in ways that are healthier and better, including cannabis.

If you could use a reboot, here are some ways in which cannabis can help you stay sober in the new year.

Try out different cannabis methods

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If you’re interested in reducing your alcohol use, you should try embracing cannabis in different forms. Unlike alcohol, which is mostly used as social lubricant, cannabis lends itself to a variety of uses, such as working out, managing stress, and, of course, being around friends.

Different cannabis methods can help you expand your relationship with the plant, distracting you from couch lock or getting high simply because it’s fun and there’s nothing better to do. Edibles, vapes, tinctures, and flower are amongst the many options that are available for cannabis users today. (Here are 8 Popular Ways People Are Using Cannabis In 2021.)

Have the support of a friend

How To Make Friends As An Adult
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Whenever embarking on a new endeavor, getting the help of a friend can help in terms of accountability. Aside from reminding you of your goals, your friend can also join you on your journey, becoming your smoke buddy for workouts, walks, and outings. The more you keep your cannabis use varied, the more fun you’ll have, and the more fulfilled your cannabis relationship will be.

Create new routines

Cannabis & Workouts: How To Do It Safely
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One of the main difficulties with avoiding alcohol is the way in which our brain is wired, making us want a drink whenever we’re in a situation in which we used to drink. Thanks to the pandemic, these situations are now more plentiful. Cannabis can help you by rewiring your brain, creating new connections that can help you stay distracted and stick to your goals.

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