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How To Get Rid Of Weed Odor In Your Home

Burnt popcorn, hot showers, vaporizers and more. Here are a few ways to eliminate the linger scent of weed in your home.

One of the most emblematic aspects about marijuana is its smell. Equally particular as it is enticing, marijuana’s scent is one of the world’s most recognizable smells. It also is difficult to erase from rooms.  Here is how to get rid of weed odor in your home!

In order to prevent your fabrics and your home from reeking of weed, there are a few things you can do, although it’s always better to prevent the smell over having to erase it once it settles in.

Here are 5 of the most useful bits of advice when it comes to making your home as marijuana-smell-proof as possible:

Use vaporizers

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While there’s a lot of people who prefer to smoke joints and use bongs, vaporizers are effective if you want to consume something discreet and that produces little to no smell. These devices heat up marijuana instead of combusting it, creating no weedy smell (or at least a much subtler version of it) and saving your clothes a trip to the laundry.

Have a smoke buddy with you

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Smoke buddies are a little clunky, but they’re a cheap and portable option that will help you get rid of lingering marijuana smoke. These devices allow you to blow smoke directly into them, leaving your surroundings odor-free. You can also make a sploof, which is cheaper and just as effective, only needing some dryer sheets and a cardboard toilet paper roll.

Have some Febreze and incense at your disposal

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Febreze works in covering up the smell of weed, even if it leaves your home smelling of chemicals. If you prefer a more natural scent, you can try incense, which also produces a strong and distinct smell that will mask the odor of marijuana.


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Unlike candles, incense create a very powerful smell, one that’s capable of disguising most other smells. By lighting it as you smoke, you’ll disguise the smell of weed as it’s exhaled and will prevent the smell from lingering in the room, something that is very useful and discreet.

Smoke in the shower

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A common way to smoke marijuana on the low is to smoke in the bathroom while the shower is running. The water must be hot in order to create some steam, which will in turn mix up with the marijuana smoke and dissipate the smell.

Smoke in your bathroom

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A very sneaky move would be to limit your smoking to your bathroom. While this is pretty limiting, if you have a bathroom with a fan, turn it on, thus helping dissipate the smell. Light a match and you’ll be able to mask most of the smell.

Burnt popcorn masks the weed smell

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While this measure is extreme, it is an effective way of masking the marijuana smell. Burnt popcorn smells very strong and will stay in your house for hours, maybe even days. However, when choosing this option, you’re basically trading in one smell for another. So hopefully you know how to get the burnt popcorn smell out of your home.


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