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So, You Got Too High Before Thanksgiving Dinner — Here’s What You Can Do

Feeling super high while surrounded by family is not a good time. Here’s how you can navigate this potentially awkward situation.

Thanksgiving can be an emotional time of year, filled with food, booze, and close friends and family. While you may have the world’s best relationship with your loved ones, once you’re past a certain age, finding yourself drunk and in a food coma while in your childhood bedroom doesn’t always equal fun.

Some weed might be just what you need in order to keep things under control. But if you’re smoking and hiding it from your relatives, getting too high might be a stressful and bad idea.

While every family is different, no one enjoys being super high while having relatives ask them about their job prospects or the people they’re dating. Here are some tips that can help you navigate this difficult moment.

Drink some water

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It may seem basic, but water is very important when it comes to managing a really intense high, especially if you’re the kind of person who gets cottonmouth and might find themselves making weird sounds with their mouth in the middle of dinner. Drink something cold and preferably non-alcoholic to keep you from getting more intoxicated. And make sure to hold on to that drink. Take periodic sips and get refills, which will help you feel grounded and provide you with a sense of time. Snacking on something (not edibles!) might also help.

Don’t panic

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Don’t panic. It’s just a bad high and it’s amplified by your own head. Unless you reek of marijuana, people won’t likely notice. Go for a walk before dinner or hang out in your bathroom for a little bit to help you chill out. A walk is particularly effective since it provides you with a change of scenery and some fresh air.

Take a shower

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If you can make a quick escape and take a shower, do it. Showers can help you feel more relaxed and provide a safe space for introspection and some much-needed perspective. As you shower, remember to take a few deep breaths. Afterward, put on some fresh and comfy clothes. You might still be high, but you’ll give yourself some space to calm down.

Focus on the food

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You know that what you really want to be doing is eating, so go off. Eat to your heart’s content. Thanksgiving is a nice cover for your munchies. While eating is completely a weed activity, it’s Thanksgiving, the one day where people won’t question you if you get seconds or thirds. After every couple of bites, tune in to what people are saying and give out compliments to the chef. Just, space them out a little bit.

Get ready to act

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Most people won’t notice a thing if you’re careful, so try to keep your cool and remind yourself that no one knows the depths of your high except for yourself. If you think someone is looking at you weirdly or asking you too many questions, just chalk it up to marijuana-induced paranoia. The best thing you can do at the moment is to stay calm and to remind yourself that this is momentary. Also, to enjoy the food.


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