Congress Approves Bill To Expand Medical Marijuana Research

If it goes the distance, medical marijuana research in the United States could make significant strides from where it has stood for more than the past five decades.

The ‘Strange Bedfellows’ In Congress Want To Scrub Nonviolent Marijuana Records

If the bill passes, it could substantially open job and workplace opportunities for those with criminal records due to their past marijuana convictions.

Congress Eliminates Medical Marijuana Provision For Veterans

Some of the same lawmakers who have tried to convince the public that opinions toward marijuana are rapidly changing on Capitol Hill seemed surprised by the House committee’s decision to turn their backs on veterans.

Op Ed: Donald Trump Must Answer For Marijuana Smear Team

Why might the White House be moving in this direction on cannabis policy? It flies in the face of public opinion as well as the president’s promises on the campaign trail and to a senator of his own party.

Legal Marijuana States Beg Congress For Banking Protections

One of the most dangerous aspects of the cannabis industry is that it is forced to operate as a mostly cash businesses.

Congressional Bill Would Automatically Seal Non-Violent Cannabis Convictions

A bill introduced to Congress on Tuesday proposes that people convicted of drug possession or nonviolent marijuana crimes would have their records automatically sealed after one year, provided they don’t re-offend.

Congressman Attempts To End Marijuana Testing For Federal Employees

The new legislation is intended to prevent military veterans who use medical marijuana from being rejected from federal employment based solely on a positive result for THC.

US Government Avoids Marijuana Legalization Because It’s Earning More Money Under Prohibition

Now that nine states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, with others, like New York, expected to follow suit in the next legislative session, it seems like it would be more of hassle these days for the U.S. government to end its prohibitionary standard.

Veterans Still Fighting For Legitimate Access to Medical Marijuana

Veterans, at least those who exclusively lean on the VA for medical care, are getting jammed up when it comes to getting their hands on medical marijuana.

Democratic Congresswoman Introduces Bipartisan Cannabis Research Bill

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii in conjunction with Representative Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) and bi-partisan co-sponsors, introduced legislation to evaluate states’ marijuana policies, called the Marijuana Data Collection Act.