Does Marijuana Advertising Lead To Increased Teen Use?

It is sure to be a study that drug warriors will grasp onto in their efforts to keep the  War on Drugs alive and (barely) kicking.

Pittsburgh Decriminalized Cannabis Two Years Ago, So Why Are Arrests Up?

In December 2015, with much fanfare and political grandstanding, the Pittsburgh City Council announced it had passed an ordinance decriminalizing cannabis.

A Town In Estonia Has A New Flag Featuring A Giant Marijuana Leaf

In the Estonian language, the literal translation of the word "cannabis" is "kanepi". Earlier this week, the rural Estonian town named Kanepi voted to adopt a marijuana leaf as its official logo.

NY Daily News: It’s Time To End Reefer Madness!

In New York, it's getting real. You can almost taste it. Cannabis legalization appears to be getting closer to reality.

World’s Biggest Weed Deal Ever: A $2.3 Billion Business Merger

Two of the largest cannabis companies in Canada merged on Monday, making it the largest marijuana deal in history.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: May 14

In Ohio, recreational cannabis took a huge step forward. Find out more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.

NFL Denies Player’s Request To Use Medical Marijuana

Mike James, a free agent professional running back, hoped to use medical marijuana to ease...

Global Cannabis Market Will Hit $150 Billion By 2025

The global legal cannabis industry will be worth nearly $150 million in seven years, according to...

This New App Will Change The Way You Buy Cannabis

Have you ever enjoyed a particularly wonderful cannabis experience and wondered "Why is this so much better than last time?"

Is Cannabis Banking In California On The Horizon?

Just last week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, while testifying before the US Senate, surprisingly said that cannabis should be researched and that there may be some benefits to medical marijuana.