Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Scientists Develop On-Site Test For Cannabis Use Similar To A Breathalyzer

Researchers may be closer to developing the equivalent of a breathalyzer for detecting marijuana in a person's system.

Marijuana Research Bill Would Allow Scientists To Access Products From Dispensaries

The legislation would remove barriers for research into cannabis and facilitate access to an increased supply of higher quality medical-grade cannabis.

CBD Censorship Continues Amidst Ongoing Cannabis Legalization Trend

CBD can no longer be promoted via SMS messaging. It is now considered in the same category as hate speech, alcohol and guns.

Luxembourg To Lead Europe Into Cannabis Era

Currently, there are no fully legal adult-use cannabis countries in Europe.

New York Regulators Move To Let Medical Cannabis Patients Grow Their Own Cannabis

Home cultivation of medical cannabis is allowed for patients 21 years and older in the state's Medical Cannabis Program.

It’s Official: Cannabis Vaping Products Cannot Be Shipped Via USPS, Including Hemp-CBD

Hemp-derived CBD vapes might be legal across the country, but it’s now illegal to ship them through the U.S. postal service.