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How To Vape Correctly

How people consume marijuana is changing, maybe you should consider mixing it up.

The classic stoner look is fading and the face of those who consume has changed. Even 10 years ago, the concept of someone using weed was a joint, bong or bowl, but consumer trends have dramatically changed. No longer is smoking the 50%+ way people get high, and it tends to be the 50+ aged crowd who does do it.  No, vaping is hot on the heels and gummies command a huge market.  According to BDSA, an analytic company covering cannabis, of the people who consumer 49% have used a gummy and 45% have used a vape.

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Vape technology has changed and it is become a go-to discreet cannabis consumption method. For modern users, it easy to take to family events, hiking and more…and it has moved away from the d-bag image and more people use them. Here is how to vape using a pen correctly.

First check the charge. If you’re using a pen with a separate cartridge, make sure the battery is charged and turned on. Make sure the cartridge is tightly connected to the battery. Then set the temperature if possible. Some rechargeable batteries allow temperature control, so set the temperature as desired.

For the big moment inhale. Press the button and inhale, or simply inhale if the device has no buttons. Inhale low and slow to pace yourself and maximize cannabinoid intake. This also ensures you don’t overheat the cannabis oil and damage the concentrate.

leading countries for cannabis investments predictions can go up in smoke
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When smoking weed, the paper goes through a combustion process that creates smoke and toxins associated with cancer and other illnesses. Vape pens heat the marijuana and create a vapor, which can still have an odor, but is much less thick and invasive than smoke. Vape pen vapor usually doesn’t cling to clothes and fabrics, and can be quickly dispersed in a room within minutes.

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legal marijuana users have stopped buying vapes following illness epidemic
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A lot of people argue that vaping is healthier than smoking flower, primarily because you eliminate the combustion and smoke, which are the most harmful aspects associated with marijuana.

Still, there are some risks associated with vape pens, particularly with the chemicals that are in the devices — the side effects of which remain unknown and largely unresearched. It’s also important to purchase products from trusted sources, especially due to the strange vaping illness that appeared last year that affected hundreds of people.

While vaping marijuana is still vaping marijuana, the highs vape pens produce are slightly different than the ones you’d get from a joint. If you’re not used to vaping, be sure to start off slow and to expect a stronger reaction. Vape pens usually pack a stronger hit than joints, especially if the cannabis comes from a concentrate.


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