Wednesday, May 29, 2024

JJ McKay

JJ McKay is the publisher and founder of The Fresh Toast.

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THE DEA DECIDES TO RESCHEDULE MARIJUANA is the news millions of consumers and patients have been waiting to see!

5 Ways To Start The New Year Happier

It is the time of year to look forward with hope.  Here are 5 ways to start the New Year happier!

Federal Government To Reschedule Cannabis

The federal government to reschedule cannabis, finally delivering on the administration's promise

Legal Cannabis Leads To Healthier States

Should you be vacuum-sealing your cannabis flower?

Marijuana Is Not The Cause Of The Fentanyl Crisis

Don't blame marijuana for fentanyl sweeping the nation and endangering millions in big cities and small towns

We Asked AI To Write An Article On Cannabis

Artificial intelligence could change the world, so we asked AI to write an article on cannabis

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