Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Karhlyle Fletcher

Driven by the data showing that the demand and efficacy of medical cannabis is proven, Karhlyle Fletcher aims to educate and empower. Based out of Detroit, Michigan, he speaks to consumers, growers, researchers, engineers, and designers to provide a full picture of the industry in addition to remaining updated on cannabis research.

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Dispelling The Negative Reputation Of Medical Cannabis

The further cannabis is legitimized through standardization and the spreading of information, the more likely positive treatment outcomes are.

What The U Of Michigan Discovered About Fibromyalgia Patients And CBD

A recent survey reveals that a knowledge gap of cannabis may be holding back millions of people from a better treatment option.

Can Cannabis Be Better At Treating Kids With Autism

Many autism medications can cause physical symptoms that further impact the lives of those with the condition.

Intramuscular Or Smoked Cannabis May Be The Future Of Managing Acute Pain

While THC has a strong potential as a pain reliever, CBD is also a viable research candidate for novel treatment methods.

Parkinson’s Disease: THC Might Help Ease Symptoms

New research found that cannabis helped relieve the crippling symptoms of Parkinson's disease in the majority of patients studied.

This Is The Largest Barrier To Medical Cannabis Use In Florida

Cannabis is a much desired alternative medicine that people are struggling to afford.

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