Thursday, December 8, 2022

Katelyn Best

Katelyn Best is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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7 Unique Flasks That Can Make Friday Even More Fun

Whether you’re going on a trip, sneaking booze into the movies, or trying to save on drinks at the club, we’ve got you covered with these unique flasks.

Fictional Whiskey: 5 Great Scenes Of Literary Imbibing

Plenty of great writers have been whiskey drinkers—and unsurprisingly, whiskey also has a tendency to show up in their books.

Can You Guess Which Country Drinks The Most Whiskey?

If you had to guess, you might think the U.S. or the U.K., two fairly populous countries with native whiskey-making traditions. You’d be wrong.

How Does The Planet Benefit When You Drink Whiskey?

Have you ever, while swirling your favorite whiskey dram, looked at it and wondered, “Does this stuff contributing to the slow destruction of the planet?"

Whiskey 101: Breaking Down The Major Categories Of Whiskey

To newcomers, whiskey, with its myriad styles, regions, and labels, can be intimidating. Why are there so many different kinds of whiskey?

TFT Wants To Know: Is Commercial Moonshine Really Moonshine?

With the boom in craft spirits of the last 15 years has come an avalanche of new-make spirits labeled “moonshine,” “white dog,” or “white lightning,” often flavored with everything from apple pie to jalapeño to pumpkin spice. But what exactly is...

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