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While the show tried to remain entertaining and innovative, it was kind of dull. There were some strange highlights though.

Meghan Markle Is Releasing A Charity Cookbook

The book is called Together: Our Community Cookbook celebrates the healing power of cooking, and it'll be released on September 25th.

8 Exciting Features From Apple’s New iPhone OS

While the software's latest features aren't all that catchy, the company delivered what they promised: a software that runs smoothly and that got rid of the peskiest bugs.

Your Coffee Habit Could Be Helping You Live Longer

It seems that a healthy amount of coffee, even decaffeinated, gives us a discernible health boost despite the fact that no one knows why.

5 Somewhat Gross, Somewhat Helpful Uses For Home Appliances

Some people don't care about rules and have discovered different uses for your home appliances.

10 Tips To Help You Stay Active When Life Gets Busy

Working out is easy, but working out regularly is much more challenging. While we might all enjoy an intense workout every once in a while, trying to maintain that level of motivation isn't realistic for most of us.

5 Apps That Can Teach You New Things Every Day

While it's extremely easy to get distracted with a whole lot of nothingness nowadays, there's also never been a better time to learn new skills and abilities.

Meet Qai Qai, The Instagram Famous Doll of Serena Williams’ Daughter

@RealQaiQai has more than 23 thousand social media followers and belongs to Olimpia Ohanian, who is Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's daughter.

Meme Of The Week: Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad

While the company has earned a lot of money and followers, the announcement and the subsequent ad made the internet really angry, to the point that some users were setting their Nikes on fire.

You Don’t Say: Netflix May Lose Hella Subscribers If It Starts Showing Ads

When Netflix announced that it was considering "experimenting" with commercials, alarms went off around the world.