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You Don’t Say: Netflix May Lose Hella Subscribers If It Starts Showing Ads

When Netflix announced that it was considering "experimenting" with commercials, alarms went off around the world.

Insiders Claim Meghan Markle Doesn’t Know Who To Trust Anymore

It doesn't help that members of Markle's family keep getting involved with the media, willing to do anything in order to acquire any sort of attention.

Here’s Why You Need To Stop Multitasking Immediately

Despite the fact that psychologists and experts keep on saying that multitasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time, people still think they’re the exception to the rule.

This New App Gives You Recipes Based On Your Food Photos

PixFood allows users to know exactly which ingredients make up a plate, while also giving them personalized recipes.

Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Insane Schedule And Social Media Has Questions

The name Mark Wahlberg is usually associated with music or movies, or even the Wahlburgers burger joint he owns with his brothers Paul and Donny. But lately, the name elicits confusion over some strange remarks the actor made on social media.

Now You Know: 5 Hidden Tricks On Your Android Device

While the iPhone tends to eclipse Android devices, the latter is extremely versatile and capable of personalization. Android devices have millions of features that vary slightly by maker, yet still maintain their core functionality.

Drinking Young People’s Blood Could Be The Secret To Long Lasting Health

By consuming young people's blood, older subjects may be able to avoid age-related diseases and live for longer periods of time.

Meghan Markle’s Father Is Paranoid He’ll Get Kidnapped In Mexico

Thomas Markle thinks he might be a prime target for kidnapping by Mexican gangs because of the comments he's made about his daughter and Prince Harry.

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Open A Resort In Dubai Called ‘Lindsayland’

We all laughed at the viral video of her dancing in Mykonos, and now, Li-Lo wants to take island life one step further by opening her own resort in Dubai.

Oscars Cancel New ‘Popular Film’ Category Because Everyone Hates The Idea

The new category left many film lovers, critics, directors, producers, and actors angry and confused over the difference between the "best popular film" award and the year’s "best film".