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Sen. Cory Gardner Says ‘Votes Are There’ For Legal Marijuana, But Senate Leadership Crushes His Dreams

There is hope that the STATES Act (or some other farther-reaching bill) will find new life in 2019.

New York Gov Pushing Marijuana Legalization In 2019

New York will be one of the next states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, that is if Governor Andrew Cuomo has anything to say about it.

New Jersey Punts On Marijuana Legalization Until 2019

While lawmakers have been mostly in agreement over details surrounding delivery, cannabis lounges, and expunging criminal records, they just cannot seem to agree on taxes.

Don’t Get Too Excited About Hemp-Mania And CBD Just Yet

Don’t expect drastic changes to come as soon as the ink from the president’s pen is dry. Here's why.

Is Illinois Next To Tackle Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization?

According to a recent report, the state would be better off with legal weed, which would create 24,000 jobs and generate more than $500 million in state and local tax revenue.

New Zealand Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Makes It Widely Available

New Zealanders have been campaigning for years for legal access to cannabis medicine, and their persistence has finally paid off.

World Health Organization Postpones International Scheduling Of Cannabis

There was hope that the World Health Organization (WHO) would come forward before the end...

Why William Barr, Trump’s AG Pick, Won’t Be A Friend To Marijuana

Barr remains a big supporter of policies that go against the grain of where the country is headed concerning drug-related issues, particularly in relation to marijuana legalization.

Will Using CBD Cause Me To Fail A Drug Test?

Now that CBD has become as much of a household name as Coca-Cola, some of the patients who experiment with this alternative medicine have concerns.

Marijuana Advocates Sue Utah Over Compromised Cannabis Bill

A couple of cannabis advocacy group are suing Governor Gary Herbert and officials with the Health Department for dealing in corruption.