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Mike Adams is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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Is FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s Resignation Good Or Bad For Marijuana?

The cannabis industry is in a bit of a panic right now over the news that Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is resigning from his post.

How Would Whole Foods Selling Marijuana Impact The Industry?

Although it could be some years before we start seeing major retail chains selling marijuana in the U.S., this concept will likely become part of the central vein of big business.

Facebook Considers Lifting Marijuana Restrictions For Companies

Currently, businesses dealing in marijuana products are not allowed to use the social media platform for promotion. But that could soon change.

Marijuana Packaging Laws Are Causing More Harm Than Good

In an effort to prevent children from getting into their parents' cannabis, industry regulators have imposed strict rules on packaging that go beyond even the regulations imposed on the alcohol trade.

Could Florida Be The Next State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Miami Beach Representative Michael Grieco, believes it is time to turn things up a notch by pushing the issue of full-blown legalization.

Can Yeast Actually Be Used To Create THC And CBD?

These test tube shenanigans are being conducted more as a way for scientists to gain a better understanding of THC and CBD.

What Are The Benefits Of Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts?

There are so many combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes and other less popularized elements that make whole-plant therapy the only way to get the most from this medicine.

Anandamide: This Natural Cannabinoid Makes Us Happy

The human body is a mysterious beast. It is equipped with all sorts of tricky little censors and gadgets that allow us to be the mostly miserable class of life that exists today.

What Scientists Are Saying About The CBD Boom

Over the years, countless reports have surfaced showing how CBD might be able to cure the disease of the week. But is it all hype?

This Is Reform: San Francisco Expunges 9,000 Marijuana Cases

Although people convicted of a misdemeanor pot crime may have never had to serve time in jail, a record marred with a drug offense, in many cases, can disqualify them from opportunities.