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Medical Marijuana Reducing Opioid Deaths Is Complex

It has been said that legal marijuana may be what eventually tames the deadly nature of the opioid crisis. It turns out this claim is more truth than fiction.

This Texas Lawmaker Is Blocking Congress From Voting On Marijuana

Congress has not approved any marijuana-related amendments since 2013, when the medical marijuana protections known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment was first pushed through.

Study: Marijuana Can Help You Get Over Your Fear Of Anything

Recent studies have shown that two of the most common components of the cannabis plant may be effective in helping people who are scared.

Study: Alcohol More Harmful To The Brain Than Marijuana

Although you’d be hard pressed to convince US Attorney General Jeff Sessions of this, there is a growing body of evidence that shows Americans could be leading healthier lives by replacing booze with bud.

Jeff Sessions Says Marijuana Is Illegal ‘Everywhere’ In America

It was just last month that Colorado Senator Cory Gardner threatened to hold up key Justice Department nominees until US Attorney General Jeff Sessions revered his attitude on state marijuana laws.

Cannabis 101: How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

Getting high for the first time can be a frightening experience for some. Not that it should be. Marijuana is one of the safest intoxicating substances on the planet.

Veterans Want Medical Marijuana To Save Them From Opioids

Veterans would like the federal government to legalize the cannabis plant in an effort to reduce the risk of addiction and deadly overdose.

Georgia To Consider Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Legislation was recently introduced that would legalize marijuana for recreational use—allowing weed to be sold in a manner similar to beer—throughout the state.

Jeff Sessions’ Anti-Marijuana Stance Could Speed Up Federal Legalization

As crazy as it sounds, Jeff Sessions’ war against marijuana could be what accelerates nationwide legalization, according to cannabis business expert Paul Seaborn.

Will It Ever Be Legal? A Deep-Dive Into New York’s Marijuana History

If all goes according to plan, recreational marijuana in the Empire State could soon join eight other states and the District of Columbia.