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UN Reviewing Marijuana’s Place With International Drug Treaties

The intergovernmental organization as a whole is reportedly diving in to determine whether it's necessary to restrict the herb under international law.

Can CBD Be Used To Enhance Sex?

Marijuana has been known to enhance the sex lives of couples who imbibe before heading into the bedroom. But not every component of the cannabis plant is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Congressman Attempts To End Marijuana Testing For Federal Employees

The new legislation is intended to prevent military veterans who use medical marijuana from being rejected from federal employment based solely on a positive result for THC.

Northern Mariana Islands Vote To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana legalization in the United States is heading west — about as far west as possible to still be considered part of Uncle Sam’s control.

US Government Avoids Marijuana Legalization Because It’s Earning More Money Under Prohibition

Now that nine states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, with others, like New York, expected to follow suit in the next legislative session, it seems like it would be more of hassle these days for the U.S. government to end its prohibitionary standard.

How This Army Veteran Cashed In On The CBD Market

U.S. Military veterans may still be prohibited from using medical marijuana by the federal government, but that doesn’t mean they can’t strike it rich in the cannabis industry.

Is A Marijuana Breathalyzer Finally A Reality?

With marijuana legalization taking hold in Canada and parts of the United States, it has become more important than ever for law enforcement to have a proper tool to gauge impairment.

Is Facebook Blocking Marijuana-Related Searches?

Facebook is allegedly up to some super-secret plot to prevent pages with the words “marijuana” and “cannabis” in the title from showing up in its search results.

Molson Coors Beer Company Gets Into Cannabis

The second largest brewing company in the U.S. and Canada announced earlier this week that it had officially partnered with Hydropothecary Corporation to develop a line of THC-infused, non-alcoholic beverages.

Which One Of These 6 States Will Legalize Marijuana Next?

There are no signs of a slow down when it comes to ending pot prohibition at the state level. Several more jurisdictions are on track for this reform. Here are six to watch.