Thursday, June 20, 2024

Reggie Wade

I'm a writer from Brooklyn, New York. My goal is to inspire you to laugh at me... and with me. Whichever, as long as you're laughing I'm cool.

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These Are My Broke Goals

Growing up, we never had much money. I was raised by a single mother who did everything she could. We had a roof over our head and food on the table, but the luxuries in life were...

5 Important Life Lessons Learned From Spaghetti Westerns

I am a subconscious fan of Westerns. What do I mean by subconscious? I don’t actively peruse Westerns. They peruse me. Westerns have always been on in the background of my life. When I was a kid,...

90s Playlist Will Get You In The Mood *wink*

It’s no secret that '90s nostalgia is hot right now. I mean really . A museum even did a whole exhibit about 1993 once. The 1990s are so hot that dermatologists recommend putting on sunscreen if you...

The Benefits Of Being An Ugly Guy

I'm not handsome. I'm not moderately handsome, I'm not classically handsome, I'm not even Turner Classic handsome. Now before you all climb atop your self-esteem high horse-- I'm not saying I'm a bad person. I'm just saying...

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