Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Sarah Johns

Sarah Johns is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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What Are Cannabis And CBD Topicals

Summer can be filled with fun, but also irritates and aches.  What are cannabis and CBD topicals and can they help?

Data Says Summer Is The Time To Try New Things

It seems we are holding on to our dreams as kids. Data says summer is the time to try new things!

Can Marijuana Deepen Your Meditation

Everyone has stress, how you manage it key to your health. Can marijuana deepen your mediation and bring you more balance?

What Is Cannabis Juicing

The Fresh Toast - The overall trend is only getting bigger and some swear by the benefits and easy. So is there and what is cannabis juicing?

The Best Tips For Surviving A Plane Middle Seat

There are better ways to fl than the new trend of "rawdogging" are the best tips for surviving a plane middle seat.

Best Blissful Moments To Consume Marijuana

With so much going on, you need a mini-break. Here are the best blissful moments to consume marijuana and unwind or enjoy.

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