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3 Side Effects Of Weed You Should Know

Over the past several years, the public has mostly focused on the positive effects of cannabis. But what about the negative side effects? Here are some you should be aware of.

Marijuana used to be interpreted to dramatic degrees, often referred to as a “gateway drug” and a substance that dumbed people down. While most of these beliefs have been debunked over the years, the truth is that marijuana can be addictive, and should be taken seriously.

Recently, people have started to view marijuana in a different light, focusing on its benefits and medicinal properties. While this is a good thing and will hopefully result in the end, or at least the derailment of the war on drugs, it’s still important to know marijuana’s effects; it was never as dangerous as it was painted out to be, but it’s also not a miracle drug.

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Here are 3 of the most serious side effects associated with marijuana use:


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Before COVID-19 took the spotlight, there was a mysterious “vaping disease,” which later became known as EVALI. This disease resulted in pneumonia, lung damage, and even some deaths.

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Researchers discovered that most cases of EVALI were tied to Vitamin E acetate, a compound that’s present in vapes. While the disease has been eclipsed by more pressing and global issues, it’s still a concern, one that could be curbed by purchasing cannabis products from legitimate dispensaries and minimizing the distribution of black market cannabis.

Vomiting & nausea

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One of the least covered and more concerning side effects associated with cannabis is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, a condition where the user experiences nausea and uncontrollable vomiting when exposed to cannabis. It sounds terrifying. While the condition is rare, it’s important to know about it, that way users can know what to target if they start showing symptoms.

Mental health disorders

Managing Nausea With Cannabis: What You Need To Know
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Marijuana and anxiety have a complicated relationship. While the majority of users claim it’s stress-relieving, a not insignificant group of people have experienced major anxiety and paranoia. Different studies have found links between cannabis and mental health disorders, which are particularly concerning for people with a history of mental health disease in their family, who may be more likely to experience these adverse results when exposed to cannabis.

These diseases are largely unknown and need scientific support now that cannabis is growing more and more popular. A simple and helpful preventive measure would be to use caution and moderation when consuming cannabis. Like any other substance, your body needs time to recover from its effects.


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