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4 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Better Than Drinking During Lockdown

Now that we’re in self-quarantine, it’s important to find sources of fun while also taking care of ourselves. Here’s why cannabis is better than drinking during a pandemic.

Alcohol and marijuana sales have skyrocketed with the emergence of the coronavirus. People have been indulging more than ever in order to battle all sorts of mental wellness challenges prompted by the pandemic, whether it’s boredom, anxiety or stress.

There’s no correct way to combat stress, especially when faced with a situation that has affected every aspect of our lives. But it’s important to stay relatively healthy during these stressful times, especially since COVID-19 is expected to stay with us for an undetermined amount of time.

Using substances as important coping methods is never a good idea, but when it comes to marijuana vs. alcohol, there’s a clear winner — at least when it comes to less impactful side effects. According to different studies, alcohol is the world’s leading risk factor for death for people between the ages of 15-49. It’s a cause of substantial health loss, something that can’t be said for marijuana.

Here are 4 reasons why consuming marijuana and CBD is a better option than alcohol for quarantine:

It doesn’t cause hangovers

Ignoring the statistics and health hazards that alcohol poses, one of the worst aspects of consuming it are hangovers. Depending on your body, hangovers can affect you for days, making you feel nauseous and with painful migraines. While there are people who experience weed hangovers, these are nothing when compared to the average alcohol hangover.

It’s great for treating stress and anxiety

Science: Mixing Cannabis And Alcohol Can Be Dangerous
Photo by via Pexels

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Your reaction to alcohol depends largely on your mood, making it a double edged sword when undergoing stress. CBD, on the other hand, can treat symptoms of anxiety and stress without altering your moods and mindset, becoming a useful tool for managing your emotions.

It’s better for longterm health  

The consumption of alcohol creates health risks, such as liver damage. But it also increases your odds of developing different kinds of cancer, including lung, breast, liver, stomach and more. While there are risks associated with marijuana, especially when it comes to smoking it, moderate consumption of the herb is still way less risky than drinking.

It’s less addictive

Cannabis May Help Treat Alcohol And Cocaine Addiction
Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

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Despite the fact that marijuana is one of the most popular drugs in the world, the amount of people that are addicted to it is relatively small. Alcohol addiction is very common, affecting 1 in every 8 Americans. There are also many diseases related to it, such as fetal alcohol syndrome, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

No matter your preference for either marijuana or alcohol, it’s always important to have some moderation, especially when vulnerable in the midst of a pandemic. Use substances for fun, for bonding with others, and for enhancing experiences. But also make time for  healthy hobbies.


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