Monday, June 17, 2024

People Are Drinking Gallons Of Alcohol During Lockdown

The coronavirus has prompted lots of people to stock up on booze.

The coronavirus has caused the closure of millions of businesses around the world, leaving people to their own devices for entertainment and comfort. Predictably, the pandemic has inspired people to not only smoke weed, but to drink. In fact, people are drinking gallons of alcohol during lockdown.

According to Nielsen data, alcohol sales have risen 55% in the United States. There’s been a 75% increase in sales of hard alcohol, such as gin, tequila, spirits and premixed cocktails. Wine and beer have also received attention, with wine sales reporting an increase in 66% and beer 42% when compared to data from last year.

The vice president of Nielsen explains that the reason why these numbers are so high is because they specific reflect the week of March 21, when strict stay at home measures were implemented across the country. Data from the following weeks will probably show a more accurate depiction of alcohol consumption through the pandemic.

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Binge Drinking Plummeting in States With Legalized Marijuana

Drinking is often an activity enjoyed in social situations, while out at a bar or party or enjoying the company of a friend. So it makes tons of sense that people are turning to alcohol for comfort during these times of isolation. While it’s definitely okay to indulge and to have fun while stressed out, it’s also important to avoid drinking all day, every day.

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Try to frame your drinking with friends through Zoom and other virtual chat apps, or as an end of the day/weekend activity. Make the most of your down time by pursuing hobbies, cooking, working out and checking in with family and friends. Alcohol is certainly a good thing to have during these stressful times, but it’s also important to focus on the long game and to not burn out during the first couple of weeks spent in self-isolation. Yes, it’s only been a few weeks, not years!


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