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4 Ways To Lower Marijuana Tolerance Without Taking A Break

It’s common for regular marijuana users to feel like they’re not getting as high as they used to and need to ingest more THC to get the same happy feelings. This can be solved easily by not consuming for a week, which allows your body to purge the THC from the body. While breaks are an efficient method that will lower marijuana tolerance, there are other ways in which you can achieve this without giving up the weed.

Check out these four methods:

Switch Up The Routine

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Human beings are creatures of habit. We enjoy the pattern of doing the same things at the same time. If you’re feeling stuck while smoking marijuana in the afternoon, you can try to smoke earlier or later in the day, which can trick your brain into thinking you’re doing something new.

Change Your Strains And Methods Of Consumption 

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If you normally smoke joints, give them a break and try to explore new ways of getting THC, like smoking from a bong, a pipe, or taking a dab. Your high will feel different and your tolerance may be lower with the consumption method. Same with strains, if you have an affinity for sativas, try giving a good indica a try and see how your body reacts.

Workout While High

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Working out will warm up those fat cells, which is where THC is stored. If you smoke before your workout, the pain relieving properties of the plant will make you feel awesome and will even help your muscles heal.

Running makes your body produce its own endocannabinoids, leaving you with “runner’s high” that when paired with a regular marijuana high, feels incredible. 

Proper Storage

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If you’re not feeling the effect of your cannabis, maybe it’s not your tolerance but the plant itself that’s the problem. The way in which you store your marijuana is very important because if you expose it too much or too little to oxygen the plant’s properties can be ruined. Make sure to store your weed someplace that’s airtight and at a medium-cool temperature.

If none of these methods help in lowering your tolerance for marijuana, we’re sure that taking a break from the plant will be extremely beneficial, helping your body get rid of the unnecessary toxins and getting you ready for when you finally consume cannabis.


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