Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Stop What You’re Doing And Take A Look At The World’s Heaviest Carrot

You know what makes a carrot interesting? When it weights nearly 23 pounds. Because, if you have yet to lay your delicate eyes on the new World’s Largest Carrot, you are in for a treat.

Grown by gardener Chris Qualley of Minnesota, the 22.44 pound carrot looks like an entire ecosystem of smaller carrots. Verified by Guinness World Records, the organization says that the entire weight of the vegetable did not include any sticks, dirt or stones, which makes this a true victory.

The previous record, held by Peter Glazebrook from the United Kingdom, topped out at just over 20 pounds.

Qualley tells Guinness that he actually set out to grow the record-breaking vegetable, saying, “Yes – that was my goal.  I think everyone that grows giant fruits and veggies has a dream in the back of their mind to set a world record and I was lucky enough to have a dream come true.”

His secret weapon? Soil. “The number one thing that every single top grower says is that your soil is the most important thing, so that is what I focused on.  Without the proper soil your giants will never reach their potential.”

Qualley, who just started gardening three years ago, says he is already plotting more large vegetables. “Pumpkins or tomatoes are my two favourite things to grow and I would love a world record in either of those.  I feel I have what it takes right now to potentially grow a world record tomato.

“I would also love to grow a world record pumpkin, but I will need to make some upgrades to my garden.  It is a very competitive sport believe it or not!”


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