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5 Etiquette Tips For Smoking Marijuana With Friends

Consuming marijuana with friends is a rite of passage for most seasoned cannabis users. Before they get to a point where they smoke weed on a regular basis for recreational or medicinal purpose, they tend to encounter the plant with the help of some of their closest friends.

This communal activity that appears to be so natural and organic still has some basic guidelines to follow, especially if you want to be a good smoking buddy. You don’t want to be that person in the group who hogs all the weed. Check out five simple rules you should follow whenever you’re smoking weed with friends:

Explain what’s in your edibles

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This should be common sense, but sneaking weed into someone’s food is a thing you should never do. If you’re hosting a party and have prepared some edibles, it’s part of your hosting duties to explain to everyone what’s in them, labeling them if necessary in order to prevent people from taking them without knowing what’s inside.

Corner the bowl

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No, I don’t mean you should keep the bowl indefinitely. Cornering the bowl is the practice of lighting the edge of it in order to avoid burning the middle of it and ruining everyone’s experience. By cornering the bowl you’ll ensure the person who smokes after you also gets a patch of green marijuana.

Don’t ask the delivery person to stay

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No matter how cool your delivery guy or girl looks like, they’re doing their job, and you’re putting them in an awkward place by asking them to stick around and join you and your friends.

Don’t keep the joint

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When sharing a joint with a group of people, don’t take it and start talking about your recent heartbreak. Use the moments when you’re not holding it to talk to others and to go on a deep marijuana induced ramble about the universe and the stars. As a general rule, you should take two or three drags before you pass it around, enjoying yourself but also sharing with others.

Take this opportunity to communicate

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Take advantage of the fact that you’re smoking marijuana in a social setting in order to talk about random things and laugh a lot. Make sure to choose a strain that fulfills that purpose and that doesn’t put you all to sleep, because that would suck. Put on a funny movie in the background or pull out a board game or video game, helping you all focus into a single activity.


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