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5 Tips To Help You Spot Wellness And CBD Knockoffs

Wellness is a huge trend right now, meaning that, not only are a lot of people trying to stay healthy, the whole “wellness” term has transformed itself into a profitable industry.

With all profitable business ventures there’s plenty of room for scams, like magical jade eggs for your vagina or healing cuddle sessions with cows. These scams are easy to spot but there are hundreds of products out there that take advantage of people and lie about their contents and supposed benefits. Here are a few tips that can help you learn the difference between a legitimate product and a fake one.

Purchase CBD from a certified dispensary or a known brand

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CBD’s rise in popularity is awesome because it gives cannabis some cred, but it’s also opened the door for people who want to make money and know how to take advantage of the lack of scientific information that surrounds the compound. By advertising vague benefits like “mental clarity” and claiming that CBD is a general balm for all things bad, questionable brands and products can profit from people who don’t know any better. To avoid this, go to your nearest dispensary and ask around for products that will fulfill your needs. Do your research online and purchase certified products, ensuring that what you’re getting is something that will truly do something positive for your body.

Learn to spot fake reviews

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If you’re shopping online, don’t trust the five star rating. Instead, take a look through the reviews and keep an eye out for fake ones. If you notice that a lot of positive reviews were published on the same date, or that there’s weird photos attached and poor spelling and grammar, odds are the review is fake. You can also use online tools like Fakespot, which give you a score regarding the likelihood of fake reviews.

Make sure the seller is legitimate

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Again, these problems can be avoided by doing a simple Google search of the brand, ensuring that the product is a part of a legitimate business and that it’s not some weird concoction that someone put together in their basement.

Keep an eye out for unrealistic details

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If the label of the product claims that it’s a balm that provides “mental stability” and “emotional cleansing,” it’s safe to assume that you’ll be disappointed. A super low price when compared to competitors is also unrealistic, because it means that the product probably hasn’t been tested and certified. As a rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Know the red flags

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Unusually low prices, lack of certifications, grandiose statements and a sketchy seller are all indicators that the product you are looking at is not what you expect. While these steps are helpful in all areas of shopping, they are particularly important when it comes to wellness products, because these are ingested or applied directly on you. It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body.


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