Tuesday, July 23, 2024

5 Rolling Papers For Every Kind Of Smoker

It has been almost 300 years since the first rolling papers were introduced to the world and since then the options grown to the point where they almost seem endless. From invisible papers to flavored ones, those who like to roll up can now spark in style.

We found five pretty cool rolling papers for the different type of smokers and well, to each his own.

If You’re Feeling Fancy


Paying $55 for a 12-pack of rolling papers is not for the weak hearted. However, in the event you’re feeling fancy, meet the Magnum Trojan of papers: Shine, offers their papers dipped in 24-karat gold. That’s right, gold. So if you’re looking to show out and show off, then Shine is the right choice for you.

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Alternatively, they offer gold cones for the super fancy. Already rolled but still dripped in high-quality edible gold, these cones will elevate your smoking experience, making it as convenient as it is glamorous.

If You’re Feeling Sly


Do you live in a state that hasn’t hopped on the legalized marijuana bandwagon? Well, if you do, have no fear, because Urban Wraps makes rolling papers with a fake cigarette print that’ll let you smoke and be incognito, kind of. While we know weed and cigarettes definitely don’t smell the same, Urban Wraps does offer a nice little cover up to smoke your weed, in semi-peace.

Plus, these wraps are quite inexpensive because a pack of 99 will run you $10. Additionally, Urban Wraps throws in a plastic doob tube, that’ll keep your pre-rolled fresh and safe from lint, gum and whatever else you have rolling around in your pocket or bag.

If You’re Feeling Flavorful


Flavored papers are nothing new, but they certainly aren’t for everybody. However, if you are feeling flavorful, Juicy Jays rolling papers might do the trick. They have over 30 fruit flavors including: watermelon, blueberry and peaches & cream. Plus, they offer flavors like cotton candy, bubble gum and ummmm, peanut butter?

Not into sweets? Don’t worry, the extensive line of flavors includes menthols. Plus, you can shop to your size: just like your favorite candy bar, you can get your rolling paper in king size.

If You’re Feeling Adventurous


And by adventurous, we mean, if you’re ready to give your next session a huge lift. Lift Tickets Medicated Rolling Papers are made out of all natural hemp and infused with high-grade hash oil that will give your joint a major boost. Aka, you can roll your weed in weed.

Adding extracts and oils to your joints can get a little messy and annoying, but Lift takes the hassle out of that for you. The joint burns evenly and slowly and what’s even better is there’s no runs, no drip and no mess. Be warned, these are quite difficult to find, but if you’re an adventurer, you might be able to locate them.

If You’re Feeling Transparent


If you are one of those smokers that seems to give very little shits about where you spark up and you’re proud of your cannabis consumption, these transparent papers are for you. They are made of plant cellulose and 100 percent natural ingredients.

These papers by Trip2 are thinner and clearer than your standard rolling papers and pride themselves on being “TREE FREE” and biodegradable. So if you’re looking to show off what’s inside your joint, these transparent papers will do the trick.


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