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13 Types Of Marijuana To Improve Workouts

Photo by Alora Griffiths/Getty ImagesA little Mary Jane can make you feel inspired and active and more likely to push yourself with your workout.

It’s time to start practicing your 2020 New Year’s resolution. You know, the one where you promise to get off the couch and M-O-V-E every single day? The one where you promise to keep your body and mind healthy by exercising regularly?

There’s no time like the present, especially with the colder season moving in, making it that much more difficult to get motivated to work out. But Mary Jane is here to help.

More and more people are finding that working out while high makes the workout more tolerable and less miserable. You’ll be more active, get inspired and probably be more likely to push yourself when you’re a little buzzed.

Know that there are multiple ways to consume marijuana, you can eat or drink it, rub it into your skin, vape, smoke and much more. Ask the budtenders at your local dispensary which products have the strains listed and then pick how you want to put it into your body.

The following are 10 strains you can order that should make you more active.

Sugar Plum

Sweet and tropical, this sativa strain will have you ready to climb mountain tops. (Although, maybe just don’t.) Its other effects include: happiness, euphoria and hunger.

Great White Shark 

This sativa strains is great if you have stiff joins and/or sore muscles. It also helps with endurance so you can workout longer than usual.

F***ing Incredible

That’s exactly how this indica strain will make you feel. Run a marathon, take CrossFit classes, go kayaking – the possibilities are endless. Side note: the flavor is a spicy, herbal skunk.

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Photo by Flickr user ThoroughlyReviewed

Sour Poison

Despite it’s name, this sativa strain won’t kill you. In fact, the citrus and earthy flavors will uplift and energize you, leaving you ready to take on just about anything.

Seattle Blue

A few puffs of Seattle Blue and you’ll be throwing on workout gear in a jiffy. This indica strain will make you extremely happy thanks to its floral and sweet undertones.

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Overactive bladder
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Nurse Jackie

Think of Nurse Jackie as your new life coach, encouraging you to get out and so something, anything. She’s a sativa strain and she hits hard with her floral and citrus notes. Keep in mind, this is not the for inexperienced user as this bad gal comes with a high THC concentrate.

Grape Ape  

This indica strain includes CBD, among other various cannabinoids. It’s known for its calming effect, which makes it ideal for muscle and joint recovery. When your body has recovered, you’ll have that much more vigor for another workout.

Oregon Pinot Noir

Unlike a glass of red wine, this sativa strain won’t have you ready for bed. It is earthy and grape, just like a Pinot Noir, but it gives you bursts of energy perfect for different kinds of physical activity.

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Green Crack

The name is misleading – this is pure herb. The sativa strain produces a heavy mental buzz just after a few hits, but it’s coupled with a lot of energy perfect for a run in the park. The citrus and earth flavors also create a nice smooth aroma.


You know what this sativa strain taste like? Grapefruit. The strong citrus high generates an energetic buzz that’ll take you from the bed to a beach trail in no time.

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perfect cocktail companion
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If you’re someone who gets lightheaded during a workout, the CBD in this sativa strain can help with that. With both CBD and THC, there’s less of a psycho-active effect, which can help with focus and energy to reach your goals in the gym.

Red Dragon

Meet Red Dragon, aka not for the novice. This hybrid strain seriously packs a punch, but in a good way. It’s sweet and earthy and will give you a happy a euphoric feeling that last long enough for you tackle all your favorite activities.

Jack the Ripper

Intense, lemony and awesome. Some good JTR is just what you need to conquer the day. The sativa strain is a perfect weekend companion for some fun in the sun.


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