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5 Summer Activities To Do While High

Sunshine, weed and free time make for a great combination. Here are 5 activities you can do while high this summer.

Summer is a great time for the outdoors. While the heat can get overbearing, summertime usually brings along a lot of relaxation. While people are still working and carrying out their day-to-day activities, workdays are shorter and people are looking for ways to get their bodies to the sun as soon as possible. It’s all made better with a little weed.

All seasons pair well with marijuana, but summer is particularly great. Weed is a great pairing for social and outdoor activities, making it the perfect addition for time spent sharing with friends or for engaging with the world in a way that’s deeper and more rewarding. Here are 5 summer activities you can do while high:

Go on a hike

heres what you should do if you want to hike with marijuana
Photo by Colton Duke via Unsplash

Hiking is not for everyone. While some people love to surround themselves with nature as they sweat and climb, others prefer their workouts to have a higher pace. Weed can make a big difference for everyone involved, making the hikes more engaging while helping you appreciate the nature aspect.

Spend a day on the beach

5 ways to add cannabis to outdoor summer fun
Photo by Chanikarn Thongsupa via

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While smoking on the beach is usually not very pleasant (too hot!), there are other forms of cannabis worth exploring, especially if you prepare ahead of time. The use of cannabis can help you have a better time with your friends or even relax more if you’re spending the day alone.

Watch a movie while blasting the AC

Photo by JESHOOTS-com via Pixabay

A big part of summer is that time when you finally manage to escape the heat and you’re welcomed by a strong burst of air conditioning. Adding in some weed and a great movie in the mix is sure to be an experience just as good as any day spent outside.

Visit an art gallery or museum

5 Summer Activities To Do While High
Photo by Igor Miske via Unsplash

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Weed makes visual experiences better and emotional ones deeper, which is why watching a movie while high can feel much stronger than if you were to watch it sober. The same applies to a visit to a museum or an art gallery. While you might annoy your friend or whoever you’re with your deep musings, you will for sure be having a great time.

Have a picnic at the park

Photo by Nils Stahl via Unsplash

Picnics are great, but high picnics are the best. Plan for a day alone or with friends spent at the park of your choosing, sharing a joint and eating delicious finger food. The more you plan it, the better, giving you the chance to bring speakers, a better selection of food, and more.


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